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Monday, July 25, 2011

How to Make a Roll of Faux Washi Tape

AND another idea for recycling a plastic bottle!

I have already done a How To Make Faux Japanese Tape but this is a little different.  This time we are going to put it on a roll like a roll of tape.

Last night I had to make some labels for a large project I was working on but I only needed a page and a half of label paper...CRINNNNGE... You know how I hate to waste anything, especially label paper!!!  So, I decided I would test an "I Wonder If" idea I had.

So, I started with the half sheet of labels and added an old sheet music graphic from  "The Graphics Fairy"

Tools needed for the rest:

Plastic bottle
paper cutter
label sheet
tape dispenser (optional)... this is a "Tim Holtz" one

To make the core...
cut a .75"x 3" (approx....I didn't really measure) strip of the plastic bottle and 

add a piece of tape to the end.

Now wrap the plastic around the part of the dispenser where a roll of tape would go....start with the end without the tape... the tape will be used to finish the roll....or to tape that end down. ... if you don't have a dispenser just make a roll or cylinder.

Close off end with the tape that is already in place
DONE!  You now have the core of the roll of "tape"

Cut the label sheet into  .75" x 11" strips
Start to roll the "tape" around the core, removing the backing as you go.

You can continue rolling all the strips onto the roll until you have rolled them all on. I know, I know...I wish it could be a continuous roll too...but....ya know... there has to be some compromising done when you try to save money.

Here it is loaded onto the dispenser ready for use.

And I grabbed the first thing I could find to show what the tape actually looks like on something: 

Now, I never have to worry about wasting good label paper again!  I'll just make a roll of "washi" tape!...in different  designs and colors!  

The roll just slides off and you can change them out.... OR, don't use the dispenser thingy at all, that's a $5 unnecessary expense.

- I don't know if, over time, the sticky side will pull the ink from the layer below... it did NOT do it during my test time, but I don't know.  Of course, to avoid that problem, don't peel the backing off, just roll it up (but you have to deal with always sticking the end down when you are finished using it)

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  1. you are so clever.......great idea nancy!! xo

  2. Thanks so much Lori! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks for sharing this great idea! Hope I van find some clear label paper now :)

  4. You are so welcome Esther! Here is where I get mine: http://www.onlinelabels.com/Products/OL713CJ.htm


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