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Friday, August 5, 2011

Today's "Thing"


It actually started yesterday, early in the morning.  I can't remember now why I did a search on Google for quilling images, I think it was something I saw on Pinterest, ...  but I did... and the rest of my day came to a screeching halt! Had plans... all were shot!  I discovered Cecelia Louie's blog, Crafting Creatures. OH MY GOODNESS!  She had done a name filled with quills...and not just any kind of quills, her's were different...She had "open" flowers...they weren't smashed quill circles (I really don't love that look!)  I do however LOVE LOVE the open loops because it has the look of someone else's work that I fell in love with months ago....Youlia Brodskaya's work... as soon as I saw what she did I wanted to do it, but WHOA! is it ever intense!

So anyway, back to Cecelia she had this "How To" .pdf available on Etsy for $5!  I didn't even think twice!  I bought it right away!

KA-UTE!!!  And everything you need is there (except the paper and tools of course)... 

To make the cards just make the flowers, print the cards out, and glue your flower down!  She did a AMAZING job with her instructions, and has pictures for each step.  I learned 4 or 5 new things on just one page of the SIXTEEN page document!  

Listen, you need to go buy this!  
  1. Because it is just so stinkn' cute!
  2. One of the best tutorials I've ever seen
  3. I can only imagine the TONS of hours she spent writing the "How To" ... believe me the price is CHEAP!
  4. You just need to support your "local" artist/blogger!  Bloggers give so much away and rarely get anything for their efforts...people almost act insulted when you try to sell something.  I did digital stamps with a friend last year and gave it up because no one wanted to PAY for them...there were just too many free ones available.  And I get that, BUT, I want to  help support people that I so often "take" from, ya know?  We all need to help each other out in this economy! (I don't know what the economy is like in Canada, but I think its bad everywhere)
OK, so after I bought it I had to wait a couple of hours for her to wake up and send it to me...she is in the Pacific time zone (I think) and I'm in the Eastern.  I was glad for the wait because I was able to get my "Verse -A-Day" challenge done before I spent the rest of the day reading almost all of her blog and "chatting" back and forth with her...ALL DAY LONG!!  I sent her 9 emails and I got 8 from her!  New found friend for sure!  

When I wasn't doing that I was making flowers!  Now I not gonna try to kid you, it takes PRACTICE!  Her's are PERFECT, mine...not so much!  HA!  I made quite a few but I haven't made her cards yet....I'm starting with simple hang tags.  

Several reasons,
1.  I want to save them for the word I decide to fill later,
2.  I don't love ANYBODY enough to give more than one flower to!  (Yet...gotta get faster!)
3.  I don't like having to write enough to fill the inside of a standard card...I only have tag size stuff to say. :-)

Shadows are really bad because one of my lights stopped working!

You might notice I did mine a little differently...

The 1st one has more leaves and I added a paper punch flower and a be-be (sp? ... you know, the things they make guns for?... I got them for a different project).  The extra petals are actually easier (for me) to make than the 5 petal.  I added the center parts because I didn't love the way the center quill looked... think how cute a decorative brad would look!

The center one I added little scrolls to the inside of the petals and added a faux brad.  If someone comments and asks me how to do those I'll tell.

The third, it is what it is...nothing much different about it....extra leaves and one extra petal.

The thing I like best about each is the scroll banner at the bottom of each.  I LOVE THAT!!!  And they come as a print out in the .pdf file... Just getting those and seeing how to fold them is worth the price of admission!

Here is something else I did with bits and pieces on the table...

OK, well, I'm gonna close now, don't want Cecelia to get the big head!  ...  That, and I'm going to help a friend make little people characters for a cake she has to do and she has called me FIVE times already while I'm typing this!!! (I've ignored them all).  I don't know HOW to make edible people for a cake  but she seems to think I'll be able to... we'll see!

Cecelia has a new pattern for sell! here is my version of it...


  1. your flowers are super cute!! and i love the way you changed them up a bit to make them your own....great ideas!! here's to all that inspiration we get over at pinterest!!! xox

  2. Lori! Hey! Well, like I said, I have to come up with different ideas to cover up my little messes! And some of my best ideas come from all the piles of "stuff" I manage to build around my sofa! :-)

    Gotta tell ya, I'm still trying to decide if Pinterest is a blessing or a curse! There isn't enough of life left to do all the things I want to do because of it!...

    And then of course there's YOUR blog that makes me want to try new stuff...I suspect there is stamp carving somewhere in my future! And I am DEFINITELY gonna do that "cutting failed background papers up into little squares! OU! OU!! I was just trying to figure out something I can make to give to servers at restaurants with their tip... A little piece of art would be AWESOME! Hummmm...gotta think on it...I don't have any less than perfect backgrounds ... because I haven't made ANY background papers!
    Wheels spinning now...

    Thanks for stopping by and for letting me know
    you did!

  3. You go Nancy!!! I only tried to quill once...The instructor was a master quiller. Lovley woman. I am so never going to be a quiller LOL

  4. Hey Fairy! LONG time no hear! Welcome! Welcome! I know! I know! There isn't much you can say about magic ant killing potions huh?!!! LOL!

    I'm feeling kinda silly for posting my poor little pitiful wonky flowers when http://www.artyulia.com/index.php/Illustration is my real goal! But, I really wanted to share the kit with everyone and .... ya gotta start somewhere and this way I can show where I started and how long it took me to get there! I'm finding it is WAY harder than it looks! The paper has a mind of its own and it isn't crazy about being told what to do! I personally believe the secret is finding a FAST drying glue to avoid all the "popping out" bits and pieces!
    That, and holding your tongue just right (like my momma use to do)

    I don't know, you can tell by my blog I don't hang onto anything for very long! I'm up in the middle of the night and now I want to go do THIS! http://elviestudio.blogspot.com/2011/07/inspiration-monday_25.html.... Lori's little touch of brilliance! I THINK I can handle smudging with cellophane plastic...but having an eye for the beauty she found in her's is something entirely different!

  5. Pues yo creo que te han quedado unas flores muy lindas! Tengo ganas de ver tus porximas creaciones

  6. Gràcies! pitavola! És l'idioma català? o en espanyol? Altres? No puc obtenir una traducció de "porximas".
    Gràcies per visitar-nos! i comentar!

    Gràcies! pitavola! És l'idioma català? o en espanyol? Altres? No puc obtenir una traducció de "porximas".
    Gràcies per visitar-nos! i comentar!

  7. I love quilling but I have too much arthritis in my hands to be able to do it now. I think we must be kindred spirits...we love all the same things.


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