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Friday, August 19, 2011

I Wanted Puffy Hearts!

Looky what I "won" on Ebay tonight.... I always use quotes since you really don't win anything...paying is required!  But, I did get it for a good price..$13.50+.  It is normally $40+ so I'm happy!

I fell in love with little red felt hearts when I had to make gifts for a conference that had hearts as the theme....

Thing is, I had to cut all that I needed BY HAND!!!  NOT fun!  Stitching and stuffing them is enough!  So, I went in search of a die and found this one:, and bought it about a month ago.

I actually like the primitive heart better BUT, it is smaller than it appears :-(  I can't stuff them :-(.  They are cute, and I'm glad to have it, but....  I can't make them puffy :-(  ...  I used them here:

And yesterday I glued some to some black jute cord to be ready for the next need:

I can't wait to get my new die!  Next is to figure a way to sew them on the machine and stuff at the same time! Hummmmm.... I have an idea!... off to test now!


  1. You have your own Acucut system????
    Just fell off my chair with awe and envy LOL
    Keep smiling and creating

  2. I KNOW Fairy! It is a good thing :-) Of course, the silhouette has taken most of my business from me... but there are still some things that only a die can do... like cut all the felt hearts I want!...AND, it will put the score lines so folding boxes is WAY easier. I probably use it at least three or four times a week, so I guess the expense is worth it. You must not have read this post: http://nancybabb-classes.blogspot.com/2011/03/my-space.html
    I have a picture of some of the dies I have.


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