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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

And They're Baaaaaack.....

That's right, but this time they are disguised as "CANDY BULBS"!!!

Cleaned Out Light bulb + Dr. Pepper Bottle Cap = Candy Bulbs

All ready for the quick gift in need!

Check out the top, YUP, our trusty ole Dr. Pepper Top!  YES it does screw on!  HA!! 

 And, if that writing on the bottom of the bulb and top of the bottle top bothers you as much as it does me.... then I have a little tip for ya!
Drum rooooooollllllll......

I LOVE THE MAGIC ERASER!!!  Takes that print right off :-)

And the tag is probably self explanatory but here are some shots anyway...
1. Cut thread, fold in half and put the loop through the hole
2. Slip the loop over the cap
3. Pull it tight and tie a bow

Make a good supply of them and have the ready to grab as you run out the door to lunch with a friend..... for the friend and/or the server.  I actually thought about having some ready with a dollar bill rolled up inside a clear straw and stuck down inside with the candy :-)... but I'm not so certain they would love just one dollar and I don't have a surplus of more just lying around waiting to be given out!  That's what cash cards are for.

If you missed my first post on using a cleaned out light bulb, that is HERE.


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