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Monday, August 8, 2011

Lots of Stuff For Show and Tell!

Happy Monday All!

I don't know about you guys, but I had a busy weekend!  But, before I get to that....

I want to welcome pitavola from Andorra la Vella!   Benvinguts pitavola(Si vostè m'envia la seva direcció, t'enviaré un petitregal!)

Andorra la Vella is the capital of the Co-principality of Andorra, and is located high in the east Pyrenees between France and Spain.  And I THINK her primary language is Catalan   I THINK!!!

Now that I've said all that... I want to share how I THINK I know...and share all the software and links it took me to get it!

First, vitavola, is my first visitor to comment in another language! Twice.  And since I only speak English I had NO CLUE what she said, and I really wanted to know.  Well thanks to the free version of Feedjit (the bottom thing listed in the right column of my blog.  I use that thing constantly because I like seeing who comes through...even if I can only see location/countries.  I am AMAZED at all the countries that drop by!  None ever really say anything so if it weren't for Feedjit, I would never know they were here... I tried the paid version of Feedjit for about a week and realized I was paying for more than I had time to analyze and do anything with...so I went back to the free version.

ANYWAY, I was able to compare time when the comment was left and what country was listed on Feedjit.  I then used Google to search for the country, because I had NO CLUE, (I hope that isn't an insult, I've lived in Georgia 27 years and I only know where about 5 cities, by name, are in Georgia!)  and I was able to find the primary language from Wikipedia.  I got the picture from Google Images.  And I used Google Translate to finally translate her comment....sorta...not all words translated so I still not certain I have it right.  And I used the same to say something back to her.  (as in the above)  If you want to know what I said to her you can go to Google Translate to see what I said! :-)

All that to say.... the Internet is an AMAZING thing!

Now, to this weekend...

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to help a friend with characters for a HUGE cake she had to decorate.  I went at 7:30... at 10pm she finally figured out that what she wanted to do was impossible!  So we had to quickly jump to plan B...and that was just to cover rice crispy treat shaped into birthday packages.  It was my first experience with fondant and I HATED IT!!!  I spent years working with FIMO so I expected it to work the same way... NOT!  I took my camera to take pictures but I didn't love the results so I didn't...I just hope they all looked better on the cake!  I got home at about 4:15am.

Saturday I spend all day online with the prayer/fast meeting called by the Governor of Texas.  AWESOME!  I was just so excited that it didn't turn out to be about ANY PERSON but a true day of prayer and repentance.

Saturday night I made lip gloss. (more on that later)

Sunday morning I woke up with my own little "invention" inspired by a tip I got from Cecelia's .pdf file (I'm telling ya, you just don't know what new thing you might learn from that single little file!)

(more on that later)

Then I made a little box and packaged up one of the lip glosses to give to a server at the restaurant I had lunch at. (more on that later)  

Then I came home and made the following until it was time to go to bed....  

WARNING!!! These are NOT FINISHED!!!  They are at the "what the heck to do with them now!" stage.  As always, I started out just to see if I could do something and ended up with the "now what".... They may sit on my table for months before step 2... but hopefully not, because I have things I really want to tell you about each.  Just not today because other things are calling!!!  (I still have to do my verse a day, I have been getting later and later each day!)

Anyway, this one, the letters are just lying on an 11" long piece of card stock and that's not enough room ... each letter needs to be  given more room and coaxed into shape ... but you get the idea.

And the next one... I'm thinking I'm going to invent a new term for this, what I am doing.  Technically, it is a version of quill, but I'm going to call it 3-D doodling... because that's what I call art by artists that REALLY AREN'T artists!... they are doodling.  This is 3-D Doodling!  Unfortunately, it is such a good close up shot that you can tell I used regular card stock...and that REALLY doesn't work!...Oh well, it was just laying there and this was a test! :-)

(more on that later)  HA!  Turns out, this post is just a teaser of things to come!  Sorry! Too much to say for one day!

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  1. Bon dia! m'ha agradat molt la teva entrada del meu pais, gràcies i del tot certa la informació que dones!
    jaja Te lo voy a escribir en castellano que no se si te resultara más facil, me ha encantado la entrada que has hecho hoy con referencia a mi pais la informacion es correcta, y me emociona cada vez que me encuentro con alguien que se toma la molestia de informarse sobre Andorra.
    Nos quedamos con las ganas de ver tus proyectos pasteleros? seguro que quedo muy bien solo que tu pareces muy exigente!
    y en cuanto a tus letras y flores en quilling a mi me parecen perfectas y te quedan super lindas!
    A reveure!


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