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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Evolution of an Idea

Back in March my niece asked me to write something for her blog... I WAS CLUELESS, but I had a SUDDENLY....  I mentioned it here, but I doubt many folks actually went to see what I said so I figure I can load it up here for today.  If you have already seen this, just ignore


We'll call this... "The Evolution of An Idea" ... because this really is how I get most of my ideas!...and why I think its silly to have a clean house! 

And it all started with this....

Yup, that's right, I dropped the whole thing on the floor!  OH JOY!  Yet another mess that needs cleaning up!   As I was sweeping and about to dump it in the trash I had the thought... "WAIT, you can use it in a can to hold up pencils!"  So I grabbed the ever-ready can and filled it up.


I looked at it and just had a "ho-hum" feeling about it at which point I looked down and saw a jar ....

And EUREKA!  My idea was born!  I would make a "Hidden Treasure Container!"  Cool!

To work!

I've never made one, or seen one made so it took 3 times videoing the steps because I was just "winging it".

Here is what we will be making:

A place to hide your treasures!

(Important note!  REMEMBER where you hide it!!!  I honestly lost all of my diamond jewelry for TWELVE years by hiding it when we went on vacation!  It took a fire gutting my house and the Holy Spirit directing my steps to find it!  Talk about a God story!  I'll have to write about that on my other blog: Life Lessons)
Anyway, anyway...seeeeee.... FOCUS!

What you will need: 
  • A Jar
  • Popcorn or Beans or Rice
  • A container that will fit inside your jar (I used a Dr Pepper can)..it could be a paper/plastic cup, a toilet paper roll, whatever.
  • Glue
  • Scissors (NOT your momma's fabric scissors!!!)
  • A label (Included as a FREEBIE! click HERE)
  • Something to pour with
  • Something pointed if you are using a can (missing from picture)
Now, go make you some popcorn, grab a Dr Pepper .... sit back and relax ...  I'll do the work for you now...

Enjoy the show!

What I did next, after my battery died, was add a few more kernels in the wet glue..so that even if it turns over nothing but the treasure is going to fall out. 

OH!  And I added the label... I printed mine on 8.5" x 11" label paper, but you can print on regular paper and use your favorite glue to glue it down.

Lessons learned....(and the reason I had to tape 3 times):

  • The first time I opened a can that I had not washed out as soon as I finished drinking it...you can't tell that until you have cut the can open, so be sure and wash your can out ASAP if you think you may use it.  (I have a few more ideas for drink cans coming up so you may want to start your collection now.) Yes, you can wash it after its open but there is a little groove in the bottom that catches all the sticky, that groove is hard to get that clean, especially with the sharp edges of the cut can.
  • The second time I had to stop because I had not made the can short enough...That's what happens when you don't measure first.  You want the can to be just below the neck of the jar.
OK then, I hope you enjoyed watching me learn and an idea evolve.  That was fun!  

PS.  A PLASTIC Dr. Pepper bottle would have been A LOT easier and I could have put it on the Recycle blog!


  1. When I saw all that corn I felt for you...When I saw how you fixed it I smiled for your resoursefull mind.

  2. Hey fairy girl! So sorry for the slow response! Behind on computer time. I know, I was feeling pretty bad for me too! I HATE to drop a mess on the floor!


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