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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Font Super Charged!

Monday I made this True Type Font:

But, like every font on the market, you can only change the color of the "BLACK" areas...anything white stays white.  You have to print and color by hand...not a bad thing, but I like to mass produce so I need QUICK!

Tuesday (last night, ALL NIGHT) I played around to see if I could do something that I wish I could do with every font...have more than one fill color + an outline color.  So, I started with this... now I can make the A a color, OR a colored fill pattern

Because all the letters in this font are UPPERCASE, I decided to use the lowercase to color the dots... so now if I type the 'A' in one color UPPERCASE and the lowercase 'a' in another color I get this! everything is automatically lined up, no adjusting necessary!

Then, because the frame is the same on every letter, I decided to use the { left bracket to fill the the background and got this...

And here I used a pattern filled/color background 

More Play....

Now I can cut them apart and make note cards/tags,whatever,out of them...I can even make embroidery and vinyl patterns out of them!


  1. Muy interesantes tus letras y con un monton de posibilidades

  2. un sinfĂ­n de posibilidades :-)

  3. Oh, Nancy, using the upper and lower case to make a single letter is brilliant! You're so clever!


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