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Monday, March 28, 2011

Steps to Making a Door Pillow x 60!

AKA : Procrastination 101.... Take Pictures and Blog About It to Avoid Doing It!

Pre- Pillow Construction:

Create 2 versions of the pattern, one for each machine
Pre- cut all fabric and ribbon
Steps to Sewing:
1.Hoop Lining Fabric
2. Sew pillow fabric down to lining fabric/ stop machine

 3. Place and sew yellow felt down (1st appliqué) / stop machine

4. Trim felt to stitch line

6 Load onto 2nd machine and let it stitch checkered outline and butterfly placement 

Somewhere along the line, the machine stops on its own 2 or 3 times and demands attention!  (broken thread, cutter not working, WHATEVER)

7. Stop machine and change it over to the other machine.

8 Stitch green down and inside wings (10 mins) ...stop machine

9. Cut around butterfly

10. Load back into machine 2 and stitch body of butterfly/ stop machine

11.  Add back fabric and stitch.
12. Trim around pillow
13. Turn pillow right side out.
14. Pin ribbons into holes
15. Stitch 1/8"  around the outside edge leaving opening undone.  This is an extra step, but it allows us to machine stitch the hole left for stuffing later, instead of having to hand-stitch it...

16. Stuff
17. Stitch closed
18 Add bling

REPEAT... 59 more times!!!

The moral of this story:

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