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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Oh MY GOODNESS! Oh MY GOODNESS!!!  I now have a new obsession!  I have been on the ColourLovers site since I got up this morning!  It all started when I woke up with this idea for a pattern.  I call it "Broken Hearts Club"  get it?  I know...CORNY!!!

Anyway, something I thought about yesterday, as I was signing up for one of these "free tools", was that I needed to be careful with the passwords.  The thought occurred to me that I, like most folks I expect, tend to use the same username and password on as many sites as I can, just so I can remember them...there are just so many to remember!  And then I thought, that all these "free" sites could, if they wanted to, go to sites like PayPal and test the username/password combinations we so freely give them.  BAM!  They have us!  

So, the moral of that story is: CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS!!!  I started making the password something like "stripes" if it a package to create stripes... or some other key phrase for that site.

OK, I'm off to find some lunch...it is 2:45 here and I haven't eaten today!  HUNGRY!


  1. snickering about the broken hearts club thing!
    And thanks for the security tips. I know I have a tendency to use the same one.

  2. Thanks for the tips
    I also limit my $$$ amount I can spend so someone would be in for a surprise if they were to accidentally jack my accounts...Kinda like my poor empty of cash purse LOL


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