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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My One And Only Craft Show This Year

Just wanted to show you where I have been for the last few weeks.  I have been BUSY!!!  I found out about a craft show that lets you just drop everything off  today, Wednesday, and pick it up Saturday.  Gotta love that!  No sitting there watching folks study everything you do for the ideas and not buying a thing!  No sitting there at all.  I LOVE THAT!  But, I had no clue how things would be set up... and managed with no one there to explain things so I spent as much time on the packaging and the "look" as I did on the product!  Now, looking at this picture I'm wishing I had spent more time on the actual set up!  SHOOT!

But, I am happy to announce that, I had almost every single thing here at the house, both for the display, and for the product!  The ONLY things I bought were the little frames you see on the upper levels and two boxes (striped in last photo)...  I didn't get those because I needed them, I just really, really liked them!  The frames were $1 each and the boxes were $1.25 each.  OH!  and I did have to buy some black spray paint for all the polka dot boxes...and for the frames, they only came in white.  So I spent a total of  about $10 for all you see!  YAY ME!!!  We won't talk about the 2nd mortgage I had to take out to collect all the other parts over the last few years!

All the polka dot boxes were made from all kinds of empty boxes I had around the house....from shipping boxes to cracker and cereal boxes.  There is even a box that I brought home from the grocery store that held tuna fish.  I tend to be a pack rat for good display boxes.  Anyway, I spray painted them with $1 black spray paint and cut out tons of vinyl polka dots on my vinyl cutter, stuck them down....  DONE!

The things I made were:

Cards, and Bottles of Faith Capsules,  I actually had these already... I have loaded each capsule with a healing faith scripture and one has a mustard seed.  I'm selling these for $5+ each if anyone wants some.  They were a TON of work but I love them!

Key chains, lace angels and tissue Covers

Door KnobPillows

Refillable butter tubes, and burlap bags with a removable holly pin

And refillable foaming soap bottles

I think of everything I made, I like my boxes and signs the best.


  1. Huzzah for the refillable butter tubes! I still have mine. Glad to see you out and about Nancy, and I wish you every bit of luck at the craft fair. Those boxes and signs are cute. If I were you, I'd have a price ready, I'm sure someone will ask to buy them, too!

  2. Que cosas más bonitas y tan bien expuestas! me encantaron las bolsas de arpillera.

  3. Hi Rhissanna and pitavola! Hanging my head in shame, I have been just awful with blog life lately! It is so strange, I guess because I have other things coming at me fast and furious the blog has one of those things I procrastinate on. BAD ME! It feels kinda like what homework use to feel like in school. Remember that feeling?

    As it turns out the craft show was pretty much a bust... only sold about $125 worth...mainly cards and burlap bags...the easiest/quickest things I made! If only you could know in advance right?

    I have been getting some custom orders lately for things I have never made that have been/are fun challenges....like a wedding guest book, chair covers and a 70" round table cloth. ??? Nothing to it right, if I can find a place to cut it out! UGH! I think I'm gonna have to take it to church to find a big enough space!

    Anyway, thanks for hanging in there with me. I still have lots of ideas, its just making myself take pictures that has me stumped right now. Soon, I hope. If I can just shake this Lazy Bug!


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