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Friday, September 10, 2010

Tons of Changes!

Today has been a BUSY BUSY DAY! I hope you can tell by all the changes I have made since you last checked in. The fun part for me about teaching these classes is all the new stuff I am learning in order to create this blog. I spent all day saying "COOL! I didn't know I could do that!"

I'm thinking that I need to go into the "How to Create a Blog" training business!  HA!
Please note some of the new things:
  1. the obvious new background ... I LOVE IT! It isn't perfect because this area is too narrow and I can't change it...I considered another template but nothing made me happy like this one. I love the color combinations and, well, just everything!
  2. the menu bar across the top...gotta love that!
  3. "Schedule" - You can go here to see a list of classes, and a calendar with the same. "Templates" - the place you can go to buy templates we used in the class.... the ones I created anyway, can't sell those I bought from someone else :-)  There aren't any pictures yet, I'll try to get those done tomorrow (well later today now)
  4. "Tool Kit" - Just a list of things you'll need when you aren't in class... though bringing your tools to class would be an awesome thing!
  5. "Gallery" - the place for pictures, when there are some :-)
  6. OH!  One more thing, I just changed it so that anyone can comment, you have have to have a Google account for that.
That's about it for today... its 4:35 AM and I need to sleep!  Please check everything out and any input is welcome.  Thanks for stopping by!

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