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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Taking Advantage of Technology


Hi All!  I have been off line all week actually DOing!  I have mentioned wanting to draw in several posts lately and this week I did just that.  Unfortunately, nothing is at that "I'm DONE! Finished" place... everything is a piece of something or "I just want to do one more thing to it" stage.  And as I was trying to go to sleep I realized that if I don't post something it could be months before I "finish" something!  Not good.

That, and I really do want to document the process...so tonight I start the documenting of the process.

Here are some of the things I did this week:

This is the scan of the original pencil drawing I did with a regular pencil on cardstock

I liked her, but I needed to add color, and I wanted to do several versions of her to see what I like best, then I'll redraw an original drawing of the one (or more) that I like best ....  SO, I scanned her, whited out the eyes (because the scan was TERRIBLE and the eyes were just black dots ...look at it again...UGH!  So, I white out the eyes and print 4 of her on a piece of cardstock.

And here ya go... her done three different ways:

I'm still not done, I think I like the green one with the word "Why" ... doesn't it look like that's what she thinking?  And there could be many reasons she is asking "Why?" ... "Why did I get cancer?"  "Why did he leave me?"  Whatever... it is just a sad "Why?"

but I moved on to other drawings...I'll get back to her....

Again, here ya go...a TERRIBLE scan (gotta learn what I'm doing wrong!):

modified for printing:

and with some color added:

I will add more color later...She's not there yet... I do like her like this but I want to see what she will look like in full color.

I did these two with a plan to add words ... once I get happy with them.  They are my two little "Bee" attitudes.  I actually did them separately then used PSE to overlap them (that's how I was able to do the transparent wings on the front one).  I practiced with both having black faces and both with yellow... I'm liking the mix of the two.
And then Thursday I got my Pan Pastels!!!  OH MY GOSH!!!  I AM IN LOVE!!!  I also got a little 3.5 x 5 watercolor pad so I decided to just jump right in and not worry about messing up, just go for it!  

Here is what I have done so far:

quick watercolor flower...the border is the PPastels!  AMAZING STUFF... you put it on with a makeup sponge (or the thing that looks like a makeup sponge)  swish/ swish and you are done!!!

 And here I was messing with color combinations and possible future borders ... and, I wondered if I could draw AFTER I put the Pan Pastels down...yes... I colored the stripe first then did the flowers on the right side of the page:

And just another watercolor with the borders done with PP

I did the two watercolors after I saw a class being offered by Martha Lever .  I wanted to see if I could do them without the class.  It costs $30 so I am still debating.... tools or class??? or GAS for that matter!  OH MY GOSH!  When will it stop going up?!

Anyway, THAT's where I have been this week!  I have been coloring :-)  I did do some other stuff but it is downstairs in another book... I'll show you that later.

OH!  And welcome to my new followers!  I got a few this week.  I OWE you your "gift"... I know.... I actually did one this afternoon and my computer CRASHED just as I was exporting the file and I lost every bit of work....so, I did what comes naturally and said.... SHOOOOOT!  I'm going to get something to eat! ..... and I did.

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