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Monday, May 2, 2011

Treasures in Hiding

Last week I decided to try and clean off my coffee table.  WELL... I'm here to tell ya, that didn't last long!  You would not believe the "treasures" I unearthed by moving stuff around. :-)  So, instead of throwing away, I spent this weekend making things from some of the stuff I found ON THE COFFEE TABLE!  I think I'll take this week to share some of the things I made... (Trash to Treasure)

Today, since it is Brag Monday over on "The Graphics Fairy" I'll share what I did using one of her graphics.

A while back I did a blog on printing on fabric.  Of course, my first attempt failed!  I forgot to change the setting from landscape to portrait so it printed off the edge.  NATURALLY!  But, I don't throw things out very easily so I still have that failed attempt....I was planning on trying to wash it to see how it did...but that hasn't happened yet.  ANYWAY, I decided to use a couple of pieces from it:

I made a burlap flower... you know the kind... circles folded in half then accordion folded two times.  I made a button using a small circle cut from the messed up print job, glued that inside a bottle top and glued that into the center of the flower.

Then I made a small pin cushion using a bottle cap and the larger circle cut from the fabric.  I made several different pin cushions this weekend so I'll show that tomorrow.  

And I made it all without leaving the sofa!!!  EVERYTHING I needed was RIGHT THERE!!!  OK, I did have to move around the sofa to make the button but that is literally 2 feet behind where I sit on the sofa.  PITIFUL!

Here are a couple more flowers I made because they are so fast and easy.  I'm not too certain what I'm going to do with them... they'll probably sit around here for a couple months and a light bulb will go off :-).  Actually, I have a customer that has 50 burlap potato sacks to use and she wants me to come up with some ideas... so, here's one.


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