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Sunday, January 30, 2011

WHO is eating all the apples?!

OK, I promise, I'll try to stop showing you these pictures, but I don't have kids or pets to take pictures of!  All I have is what comes to my back deck.  I sit on my sofa and take pictures of what shows up. (straight from the camera, I'm not doing anything yet to "clean" up any of the photos I'm taking) 

Yesterday morning I threw 8 or 9 apples out on the deck (I don't like the kind I got...I never can remember the name of what I do like so I'm always getting the wrong ones!)  ANYWAY, when I got home from lunch I looked out and there was only ONE left!  Who the heck got all those apples!?!  Then I looked and saw this (it looks like he doesn't like the skin.. he's peeling it!:  

My Camera:

 Here is a cutie eating a french fry for lunch. :-)

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