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Monday, January 31, 2011

Love Is...

OK! OK!  Add me to the HUGE list of Wordle.net fans!  I LOVE the look of subway art so I'm really gonna have fun with this site. 

A couple of things you need to know:
  1. You can add space between words for phrases, you have to use the (~) between each word you want to keep together  
  2. and if you want a large word you put it in the list more times so, I added "Love" 6 or 7 times for below:

    I know that you can do this yourself but you NEVER know what it will look like because it changes every time you run Wordle.... so, if you want one of these just click on it to enlarge, then right click/"save image as"....so these would be considered FREEBIES as well

Sunday, January 30, 2011

WHO is eating all the apples?!

OK, I promise, I'll try to stop showing you these pictures, but I don't have kids or pets to take pictures of!  All I have is what comes to my back deck.  I sit on my sofa and take pictures of what shows up. (straight from the camera, I'm not doing anything yet to "clean" up any of the photos I'm taking) 

Yesterday morning I threw 8 or 9 apples out on the deck (I don't like the kind I got...I never can remember the name of what I do like so I'm always getting the wrong ones!)  ANYWAY, when I got home from lunch I looked out and there was only ONE left!  Who the heck got all those apples!?!  Then I looked and saw this (it looks like he doesn't like the skin.. he's peeling it!:  

My Camera:

 Here is a cutie eating a french fry for lunch. :-)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tops of Buildings

Have you seen the words/names spelled out using pieces of architecture that looks like letters? Well, I want to take some of those pictures now that I have a new camera.  In the mean time I found a website that lets you create any word/phrase from the shapes of buildings all over the world!  see below.  You will even know where in the world that building is...kinda cool...

Go HERE, and spell out any message

OR, go HERE to make something like this:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Camera - Day 2 (but still less than 24 hours)

Check this out!  I woke up to a very DREARY day! but, I started taking pictures anyway.

I stood inside the house and took some pictures through my dirty glass back door...check this out:

I added the red circle to show where the bird is so you could see where I zoomed in for picture 2...


Just one of my regular visitors

My New Toy! YES!

Bought a new camera today!  YES!!!  This is it:

I went to the store to get another one but the sales guy said, he had a much better one for $100 less!  Well, show it to me!  Since I have been pretty much clueless on what to get anyway I wasn't married to my original choice.  I paid $399 at Wal-Mart.  Amazon had it for $30 less but I wanted to be able to walk back in the store within 30 days and return it if I wasn't happy.  I know me well enough to know that I would NOT send it back in the mail.  That, and, I was there, with it in my hands...no point in waiting, right?  OH!  And the extended warrenty was about $25 less so it really was a wash.

ANYWAY, now I have a new toy to learn....so I sit and take pictures of everything in my house!  First, my PC monitor:

Then the stray cat...forgot to push half way down so the camera could auto focus...something the sales guy told me...see I told you I was CLUELESS!

Next, I hold it so it could focus...but still no good!  Hummm...it seems that a steady hand is truely required!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


One day last week I got up early and started surfing the web.  I was so excited when I landed on a site by Cathe Holden called "Just Something I Made".  OH MY GOSH!!!  I spent the rest of the day downloading all the free stuff she has available!  She is SO GENEROUS! 

WAIT!  Don't go yet!  I have a link at the bottom of this post.

One of my favorite downloads was a page of bookplates.  And for those of you that have no clue (in this age of Nooks, Kindles, IPads and all things digital) a bookplate is a label you put in the front of a REAL book to show ownership. 

This is such a great download because it is "gift" ready!  Print a sheet on 8.5"x11 label paper (or cardstock), cut and you are ready to give them away.  I LOVE THAT!  One of my favorite things to do is give to folks that are normally recognized for their service...like the folks that clean the tables at restaurants, or the ticket taker at the movie... and this is a PERFECT gift to keep with you ready to hand out.  AND, the very best part is that they are "genderless"...they will be a good gift for a man or woman. 

And did I mention they are FREE!

Now, for those who don't have books (I bet you do, but, for the sake of argument) you can always use the labels for something else.  Last night I put this jar together in about 5 minutes!

I just used the animal portion of the bookplate because there is an embossed square on the jar that I was trying to work with.  If you wanted to leave the blank at the bottom of the bookplate you could write what will be in the container.

I also took one of the images and made a "Thank You" card with it:

These too, would make a great gift.

OK!  Now, go check it out! WARNING!  You might be there a while!

Thank You Cathe, for your generosity and your brilliance!

Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 Owl Calendar

Up early this morning, out surfing the web.  Lots accomplished so far.  Staples.com is offering a $10 pre-paid VISA for a $40 purchase of ink so I ordered what I needed and it will be delivered here day after tomorrow, gotta love that.  The best part was that applying fo the rebate was as easy as filling out a couple of blanks.

Next, I found the neatest little blog!  you can choose 12 pictures out of 30 and it will automatically generate a FREE calendar to download!  Check it out!

Owl Lover 2011 Calendar

I'll show you mine as soon as I can print it and get a picture.

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