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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Today I Went Back To the Library!


I have been on the look out for a book "The Harbinger" for a few weeks and I don't want to pay for it!  So, today I decided that I would check out the library again (after AT LEAST 20 years!).  They didn't have it, BUT, they DID have the DVD for "Miss Potter"...another something that I have been wanting to see but wasn't willing to pay for.  Did you guys know that libraries have movies now?!!!  And you can check them out just like a book FOR FREE!... and you have a whole week to watch them!  I got two movies, "Miss Potter" (about Beatrice Potter) and "The Notebook"  OH MY GOSH!  I didn't remember it being so sad!!!  I SOBBED!...(snot and all!)  

I HIGHLY recommend both movies.

Another shocking thing is that they let you check out up to FIFTY books at a time!!! WHAT?!  This world, it is a changing.  I got a "How to" Calligraphy book, and two other craft books along with several novels.  ... I can have those for 3 weeks, and if I'm not done I can continue to renew the check out at least two more times!

Long story short, check out your local library, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Comic Sans.... REALLY???..... UGH!


For the past few days I have been working on some "frames" for my friend Patty.  She is the one that lives in a barn...literally!

For the past several months we have been going back and forth on what she wanted and I am THRILLED to say we FINALLY came up with an idea and I AM FINISHED!!!  WHOOHOO!!!

The goal:
1. She wanted it "barn-like"
2. She wanted each person's name on it
3. She wanted a scripture of her choice
4. She wanted Comic Sans (UGH!, that would have NEVER been my choice!...ok, 15 years ago, maybe...)
5. She found some barbed wire on her property that she wanted to use.  This one worried me because that was an accident just screaming to happen!  I was not in the mood for a tetanus shot so I figured out a way to make it myself!
6. She wanted to mix up the colors, red/green/blue

So, here ya go!  ... barbed wire/hand stained clothespins/name/scripture canvas board... FIFTEEN of them! (even one for the horse)  

The good part is she can change pictures out anytime she wants.

 YAY!!!  I LOVE it when a job is done!  I can't wait to see it up on her wall!  I'll share the pictures when I get some.

Monday, September 10, 2012

"Jesus Hasn't Been Touched"

Several years ago my brother decided to carve a 6 foot Jesus hanging on a 12 foot cross and put it in his front yard!  ???  No, he isn't Catholic, but he does live in Louisiana so the crucifix is not an unusual site.... except maybe in front yards!  Thankfully, he lives in the country between Baton Rouge and Zachary so no one can complain!  They actually did a little segment on it on the local TV station and lots of folks drove by to check it out, some even stopping to take a closer look.

He carved the body part from a single log (thus limiting the size of the body) and just added the arms from branches of that same tree.

I have been looking for my pictures of it all morning but can't find them ???  On August 29th, the day after (?) the hurricane hit Louisiana,  I got a text message on my phone with this picture and the caption  "Jesus hasn't been touched"

All that stuff around the cross that looks like big bushes is actually huge branches from the oak tree next to the cross....He weathered the storm.

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