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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How To Handle A Head of Lettuce...TIP


OK, I'll admit it, I would rather buy a bag of broken up lettuce instead of a head of lettuce too...but, that bag is sometimes 3 times more expensive!  CRAZY!

    This:                         Vs.                   This:

So, in my new life of saving wherever possible, I'm back to buying heads of lettuce....and I'm glad because it really is just as easy and I think it lasts longer.

This morning as I was preparing my salad for lunch I did something that I have done for years and then I thought there might be some folks out there that don't know this little trick...so, here ya go.  The PERFECT, EASY way to handle a head of lettuce.

1.  You want to hold the lettuce between your hands with the knot thingy pointing down.
2. Give it a good whack onto the counter top.

This will break the connection of that knot with all the leaves then just.... 

3. Pull the knot out!  

You now have a head of lettuce leaves that aren't attached to anything but they still keep the head shape. 

If I'm making a large salad requiring the whole head I will run the water facet into the hole left by the knot thingy... water will run all throughout the leaves washing them all at once.

If I'm making just a small 1 person salad I will tear a chunk of leaves off, rinse that chunk and tear it into pieces...then put the rest, wrapped in the same wrapping it came in, back in the fridge.

HA!  ME with a kitchen tip!!!  That doesn't happen often!  

Sorry the pictures aren't "real"... I didn't have enough hands to take real ones so I had to piece some from the internet together.

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