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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How Do I Find It???

Have you ever wondered how I find some of the things I show here?  There are actually several ways.... But I'm warning you now, they are all MAJOR TIME SUCKERS!!!  I usually use them when I am trying to avoid something that has got to be done.  Yes, procrastination is my middle name.
   1. Pinterest.com, of course 
       - create a picture index of cool sites...and see what other people find)

   2. StumbleUpon.com
       - Click on "Stumble" and it just randomly takes you to some really cool sites

   3. Wimp.com
       - One neat video after another.

Today's find using StumbleUpon: Ultimate Flash Face
To create a face using available parts... and each part can be stretched and reshaped.  COOL!!!

Value ??? Probably ZERO, unless you want to become a police sketch artist one day....but this software really makes that position obsolete! But, while it has zero value, I have just spent the last hour playing with it! I don't know though, it gives me ideas of how I can draw faces now... like with glasses, or different hair styles... There really is some potential there.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My One And Only Craft Show This Year

Just wanted to show you where I have been for the last few weeks.  I have been BUSY!!!  I found out about a craft show that lets you just drop everything off  today, Wednesday, and pick it up Saturday.  Gotta love that!  No sitting there watching folks study everything you do for the ideas and not buying a thing!  No sitting there at all.  I LOVE THAT!  But, I had no clue how things would be set up... and managed with no one there to explain things so I spent as much time on the packaging and the "look" as I did on the product!  Now, looking at this picture I'm wishing I had spent more time on the actual set up!  SHOOT!

But, I am happy to announce that, I had almost every single thing here at the house, both for the display, and for the product!  The ONLY things I bought were the little frames you see on the upper levels and two boxes (striped in last photo)...  I didn't get those because I needed them, I just really, really liked them!  The frames were $1 each and the boxes were $1.25 each.  OH!  and I did have to buy some black spray paint for all the polka dot boxes...and for the frames, they only came in white.  So I spent a total of  about $10 for all you see!  YAY ME!!!  We won't talk about the 2nd mortgage I had to take out to collect all the other parts over the last few years!

All the polka dot boxes were made from all kinds of empty boxes I had around the house....from shipping boxes to cracker and cereal boxes.  There is even a box that I brought home from the grocery store that held tuna fish.  I tend to be a pack rat for good display boxes.  Anyway, I spray painted them with $1 black spray paint and cut out tons of vinyl polka dots on my vinyl cutter, stuck them down....  DONE!

The things I made were:

Cards, and Bottles of Faith Capsules,  I actually had these already... I have loaded each capsule with a healing faith scripture and one has a mustard seed.  I'm selling these for $5+ each if anyone wants some.  They were a TON of work but I love them!

Key chains, lace angels and tissue Covers

Door KnobPillows

Refillable butter tubes, and burlap bags with a removable holly pin

And refillable foaming soap bottles

I think of everything I made, I like my boxes and signs the best.

Autumn in Atlanta...AMAZING!

I am originally from Louisiana where there are two colors...green and brown.  Period.  I had never seen autumn colors like there are here in Atlanta....and even though I have been here almost 30 years I am still awestruck by the color.  

My yellow trees are almost bare now, they don't last long!  But I had to go to Smyrna today, which is about 8 miles down the road towards Atlanta and rounded a corner to see this row of trees!!!  I wish you could see the real deal, photos just don't do it justice.  It was like they were lit up!  I ALMOST got hit because I threw on my breaks in the middle of the road and tried to get my camera out to take a picture!  CRAZY!!  So, I figured I'd better get out of the way and come back on the way home and have the camera ready instead of having to dig it out of the box it was in!  Well, after several u-turns, and a couple honking cars, required to get myself in just the right spot ... I stop in the center of the road again to take this!  I know, I know, you folks from other parts of the country are probably use to it but  I'm not.  And quite honestly, I always think that photos of the Fall colors have been "photoshopped" to get those colors.  Well, I can promise you this... this picture is straight from the camera to the blog with no software in between!

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