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Monday, October 31, 2011

My House My Trees

I love Fall!

My house is surrounded by trees...mostly those tall pines you see, but we (my ex and I) planted the maples next to the road just to have some fall colors.  They usually turn all the shades from red-red to yellow but I don't think they are going to last long enough to go red, they have already begun to fall.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Printing Your Directories

Have you ever wanted to print out a list of files in a directory on your PC?  GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!  I don't know why Windows doesn't allow for it but if you try you will not get the list, but every single file will print!  OUCH!  

Well, I have wanted to do this in the past and did a search on the Web, because there is ALWAYS someone out there that has seen the need before you and worked out the solution.  And this time Karen did it.  Karen has quite a few "Power Tools" that she offers online for free.  Of course, my most favorite is "Directory Printer".  It will let you send straight to the printer, or to a text file that can be pulled into EXCEL for better sorting.  My plan is to try and find all the "same" files on my hard drive and clean them up a bit.

Disclaimer... I didn't get a virus when I downloaded some of her things, but it is always a good idea to make sure you are protected from that with a virus checker.

Later in the day.....

I have been playing with it throughout the day and another cool thing you can do is set your own searches so that it will print out all of a certain kind of file.  Like all photos, or I did a custom one to search all of my embroidery stitch files.  It happens WAAAAY faster than trying to search with Windows!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Scribbler Too

Just discovered a new toy to play with...yet another way to doodle.   Have you guys found Scribbler Too yet?  It is a free online software package that does some really cool stuff.  I'm not too certain how to describe it.  It adds connecting lines between two drawn lines...resulting in some really weird/cool looking stuff.  It takes a while to figure out what happens when you draw but it is a fun thing to play with.  The bummer thing is, you only get one "undo" so you either have to start all over or know what needs fixing as you go.... Here is what I came up with

Then I did this one... it should have three flowers but I figured I'd better stop while I was ahead!

Once you are done you can save it as a .png and modify it somewhere else.... I wanted to keep what I had done without changing it so I didn't change anything...as tempting as it was especially with these guys....  

And, or course I had to make something so I could incorporate my MFH Polly-Wolly Doodle Font!

Fun stuff!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Embroidery Doodle

Last week I did this doodle

Today I did a test with it.  

I made it into an embroidery pattern.  I stitched it out and then tested coloring it.

I'm not too sure how long the color will last.  That's part of the test.  I just used regular markers so they are TOTALLY water soluble hence the color bleed on 4.  I did that on purpose to give it a watercolor feel... I actually like it, but it needs more, I just wanted to wait until it dried to see what was needed where.  The only thing I believe would be color safe is to paint it with acrylic paint....but that would be an entirely different look.

OH!  and, yes, of course I could have stitched the filling with colored thread but I thought it might be kinda neat to offer something like this so people could color using any color they like....to match their room, or whatever.  Kind of a neat multimedia kind of thing :-) Whatcha think?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Sorry, I'm putting another doodle here.  I have been so neglectful of this blog I need to put something of what I have been doing lately!  I have been so busy with helping folks with garage sales, card making, and wedding planning that the only "me" thing I've done in weeks is doodle (since I love doing it because I don't have to think to do it)

Here ya go...yet another example of starting without a plan and being surprised with what I end with.    
This is the simi-final product... I did it in color and don't like it so this is all I'm willing to show you.  I have decided that I like drawing ... and not so much the coloring.  
I know it is kinda hard to read... It says "Let the Princess In You Rule" (I LOVE THAT!...not original)

It all started with this graphic that I got from the Graphics Fairy.  I just love it and I wanted to see if I could copy it....

My version:
Can I just say that that is one of the hardest things I've drawn so far!?!  I don't know why, it really should be simple! but I kept having to turn the paper around to try and get the jagged sides of the leaves to be jagged in the right direction!  WEIRD!!  Anyway, that one is going to have to take some practice!  I love the look of it so I'm willing to practice.

As I was drawing the above I thought how much it looks like the filigree on decorated cakes like this one:...Isn't it pretty?  I love everything about it except it is covered in fondant. UGH! UGH! UGH!  So now I'm in search of pretty cakes and pinning them in my "Doodles" folder...which I'm sure is confusing to most folks! :-)

So that led to this: 

I started practicing with the top scroll and thought now what?
That led to the sides 
and the princess was the natural progression since I didn't have any words to put in such a fancy frame!  BUT I really like it so I'm pretty certain you'll be seeing it again!

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