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Thursday, April 26, 2012

How To Link to Another Blog In Blogger

I have an online friend that isn't sure how to add a link within her blog so I figured this was the easiest way to show her.... and you too, if you don't know how.

1. First, go to the site where you want to LINK TO.
2. Select the address in the navigation bar (shown below)
3. Hold down the "Control Key" and press the "C" (CNTL C)...this will copy the address to your clipboard.

4. Now go to your Post Screen...the one where you create or edit a post.
5. Select the text you want to use as your "link button".  In my case below I selected the word "BEAUTIFUL".
6. Click on the "Link" button on the tool bar (circled below)

This screen will pop-up and the word "BEAUTIFUL" (in my case) is already populated in the "Text to Display" field.

7. Now put your cursor in the "Web Address" field.
8. Hold the "Control Key" down while pressing "v" (CNTL V) this will paste the address you copied into the field

9. Press "OK" .... DONE! 

Comment if you have any questions

How to add a Favicon:
(something I learned from someone else.)

You know that little picture or Icon that is on the left of a website name on the tabs 

Can you see my little bee?  She's tiny but she's there.
I learned how to put her there from 
HERE at Sew Many Ways

WARNING!!  It took about TWO WEEKS for her to show up!!!  So don't be discouraged if you don't see you icon right away, it'll show up eventually.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How To Make Money By Blogging ???

GOOD QUESTION!  I explain the ONLY way I have figured out further down the page....

I know you guys are probably sick of me singing Blitsy's praises...BUT!  Give me one more shot...

Last week I ordered SIX bottles of 

Ranger - Gold Pearl Liquid Pearls...this, only in GOLD for $1.75 each. (Still on sale until Wednesday at midnight...while supplies last.)

Well, the picture was PITIFUL!  I was expecting a creamy beige, because of the picture...but look at what I got... 

WHAT A HAPPY SURPRISE!!!  I LOVE IT!!!  They really do look like nail heads...don't judge too harshly by MY PITIFUL photo version... I just scanned the canvas board with my scanner and that's always a crap shoot...They are actually more like metal gold that this shows but I think you get the idea.

I ordered six for a couple of reasons.  I thought I was going to need something for a large order I THOUGHT I was going to have to fill (fell through) and because I got them FREE!!!!  Now I am just so glad I that got so many (and plan to order more before Wednesday if there are any left!) ...I'm also gonna order black and some other colors as well, now that I see how I can use them.  I have been wanting to add brads to my canvas boards but this is Soooooooo much easier!...no hole punching!  I know, this stuff has been around forever (these are new colors though) but I just never thought to use them in this way.  And I credit Blitsy for that because I have gotten 4 or 5 different products that I didn't know even existed and then once I had them the ideas started flying.


I have tried for a couple of years now to figure out how to make blogging pay.  I figure there must be some money in it somewhere...with all those blogs out there advertising for so many companies!  So, I gave that a try...I became an affiliate and plastered my screens with FREE (to them) advertising!  I did it for a couple of months before I realized THAT DOESN'T PAY!  Seriously!  How many blogs do you go to, click on an ad and buy something then?  THAT is the only way to make a few PENNIES!  So, I took all that mess off,  I HATE the clutter of tons of ads on a blog, so not gonna do it.  Until NOW.  Blitsy is SO WORTH THE SPACE and I totally recommend you adding it to your blog!  It is SO SIMPLE and you get INSTANT payback!...no waiting until those few pennies grow into $25, if they ever do.

How it works:
1. Click MY link (so I can get credit :-) which will take you to a FREE sign up screen.  
By you clicking on MY LINK your name is added to my list of people that found Blitsy because of me.  YOU don't have to do anything else for me to have you on my list. Then, the first time you order any amount I will get $10 store money!!!  WHAT?!!!  How cool is that?!  Even cooler is that YOU CAN START EARNING the $10 as well... right away!  Seriously (I had $70+ credit my first day!!!)

2.  Once you have created an account go to "My Account" and you will see a line of code that was created especially FOR YOU!  It is there immediately, no waiting!

3. You want to copy that code and use it on YOUR blog the same way I have.  I put it in the right menu bar... and I have used it on every link I mention in the text. 

That's it!  People will go to your blog, click on your link and your list starts to grow....and you can start shopping FOR FREE with your Funny Money!  All you will have to pay is shipping...and even that is super reasonable... 
Shipping Table

Up to $25$5.95
$25.01 - $50.00$7.95
$50.01 - $100$9.95
$100.01 - Up$11.95

Additional $2.00 per order for HI, AK, & PR   

The thing that adds to the excitement is that there is a new sale every Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday that goes for a week! But you can't wait too long because the sale is only good while supplies last :-( ... I've lost out on some really great stuff because I decided to chance it and see if something comes along that I like better...or to grow my order to make best use of shipping costs. And like now that I have sung the praises of the gold liquid pearls I need to hurry and buy it before you guys buy it all out! OH! and something else...you can't put it in the basket and wait a few days... it will only hold it in the basket for ONE HOUR! PRESSURE! HA! Better than EBAY!

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