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Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Have Found the Mother Load of Free Training Videos!!!

No time to talk!  I have found THE site for Free Training. HERE.... I just watched 5 and there's TONS MORE!

OK, I'm off to watch more!  I LOVE LEARNING!!!

Later, N.

Friday, July 29, 2011


Hi All, 

Sorry, I have been MIA the last few days...here anyway, I have been super busy on my Doodle Blog!  And, please notice the two new Links to the right!  I have finally learned how to do a "link button" without help!  So I did those today.  Check them out and see what I have been busy doing the last few days!

Oh! and I did fill a small order and got that to the PO today.  I always feel like I have really done something when I get something mailed because I HATE going to the PO!!!  The really fun thing was that I actually made the guy behind the counter smile!  You just don't know how HUGE that is...I have never seen that guy smile, and we actually had a conversation!  He was impressed with the way I addressed my packages and  my wrapping :-).  

  While we were chatting I asked him if we really can send a drink bottle through the mail and he said yes!  SO, if you get something from me in the future it just might be coming in a Dr. Pepper bottle. :-)

I'm off...I have been sitting here for hours and I am hungry!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to Get Rid of Ants!

That's right, ants!  You just never know what you might learn here, right?

Well, I took a picture so I have to share it somewhere!

For some reason??? The ants are coming into my house by the millions!!!  Or so it seems anyway.  I am actually fascinated by the little guys and I wouldn't kill them if there weren't so many... and they bite!

SO, I mixed up a batch of honey and Borax, spread it on a few pieces of paper and laid them across the closest point of entry, across the intra-room highway they have going through my house! Seriously!  It looked like my carpet was moving.  It was so funny!  They lined up to that smear of honey like pigs to a trough!...shoulder to shoulder.

By the next day the traffic had all but stopped!  I am leaving it there for the stragglers but they pretty much stop at the paper, load up then go back out to the nest where I hope they are sharing with each other.

I don't know the exact formula because I just made it up...but I guess I put about 1 part of honey to 1 part of Borax (old fashion powder detergent), I got mine at Kroger... kinda hard to find because it is the only box by the 20 Mule Company on the shelf...amongst all that Tide and Clorox and other brands...I found it on the outer edge of all the detergent on the top shelf.

No, I didn't come up with the idea myself...not that smart...but I did adapt a technique from an idea from HERE, because I AM THAT LAZY!   Be sure and check it out, especially if you have fruit fly problems!  I don't right now so I can't demonstrate.

Now that the lion-share is gone, I am putting some of those bottle caps to use!  I am putting the honey mixture in the tops and putting them next to the entry points...that way I won't accidentally step of a NASTY sheet of paper! UGH!!

Is Borax Safe?
The Passionate Homemaking site also answers that question.  HERE.
I personally would NOT take any chances if I had a pet that would also want to lick it up!!!  Unless you can put it inside a cabinet or some place safe.

Monday, July 25, 2011

How to Make a Roll of Faux Washi Tape

AND another idea for recycling a plastic bottle!

I have already done a How To Make Faux Japanese Tape but this is a little different.  This time we are going to put it on a roll like a roll of tape.

Last night I had to make some labels for a large project I was working on but I only needed a page and a half of label paper...CRINNNNGE... You know how I hate to waste anything, especially label paper!!!  So, I decided I would test an "I Wonder If" idea I had.

So, I started with the half sheet of labels and added an old sheet music graphic from  "The Graphics Fairy"

Tools needed for the rest:

Plastic bottle
paper cutter
label sheet
tape dispenser (optional)... this is a "Tim Holtz" one

To make the core...
cut a .75"x 3" (approx....I didn't really measure) strip of the plastic bottle and 

add a piece of tape to the end.

Now wrap the plastic around the part of the dispenser where a roll of tape would go....start with the end without the tape... the tape will be used to finish the roll....or to tape that end down. ... if you don't have a dispenser just make a roll or cylinder.

Close off end with the tape that is already in place
DONE!  You now have the core of the roll of "tape"

Cut the label sheet into  .75" x 11" strips
Start to roll the "tape" around the core, removing the backing as you go.

You can continue rolling all the strips onto the roll until you have rolled them all on. I know, I know...I wish it could be a continuous roll too...but....ya know... there has to be some compromising done when you try to save money.

Here it is loaded onto the dispenser ready for use.

And I grabbed the first thing I could find to show what the tape actually looks like on something: 

Now, I never have to worry about wasting good label paper again!  I'll just make a roll of "washi" tape!...in different  designs and colors!  

The roll just slides off and you can change them out.... OR, don't use the dispenser thingy at all, that's a $5 unnecessary expense.

- I don't know if, over time, the sticky side will pull the ink from the layer below... it did NOT do it during my test time, but I don't know.  Of course, to avoid that problem, don't peel the backing off, just roll it up (but you have to deal with always sticking the end down when you are finished using it)

Don't forget to check out my "How to Recycle a Plastic Bottle" 
Linky Party to see more ideas... and PLEASE, add your own!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How to Recycle a Plastic Bottle (Part 3)

This time I made bangle bracelets from "rings" cut from the middle of the Dr Pepper bottle.  

SIMPLE! SIMPLE! QUICK! QUICK!  Have a set of bracelets to match any and every outfit for just pennies!!

  • plastic bottle
  • string of cheap "pearls" found at any craft/fabric store
  • Embroidery thread (I used the thick, 1 strand crewel thread)
  • scissors
  • tape 
1. Cut a thin strip...about 3/8" from the middle of the bottle (around the bottle, not up and down, take advantage of the curve)  The first few I made I cut the strips straight from the bottle, (after cutting the top off, of course) I had a whole ring, not requiring tape,  but keeping the cut straight was a challenge.  I then decided to cut the top off, cut straight down the length of the bottle and then cut the bottom off.  This gives you a "sheet" (that curls) that can be cut with a good paper cutter.

2. If you chose to cut strips and not ring then tape the ends together... (meet the ends together on the tape, then wrap around a couple of times)... this would be the time you could make it smaller if it is for a child.

3. Tie thread around the ring. ... do it away from the tape, that way you have the added strength of the string of pearls and it won't pull apart later.

4. Lay pearls onto ring and wrap thread around each pearl... I wrapped one time all the way around, then wrapped again going in the opposite direction.  I made a total of 4 wraps around.

4. Tie off end of thread... you can thread the thread in a needle and run it underneath the wrapped thread.

If you are like me, and you are not a huge lover of the cheap white pearls you can do a couple of things... buy brass pull chain, or a strand of rhinestones, or color your white pearls with a copic (type) pen.  The last option allows for ANY COLOR!

OH!  I made the tan and green bracelet from colored pearls and a thread pulled from a piece of burlap I had. (instant jute thread)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to Makeover a $1.99 IKEA Clock

I bought it several months ago with the intention of replacing the face.  I finally did something this weekend.

This weekend I also "doodled" a prototype collage and decided to do the same to my clock.

1 - Take clock face cover off.
2 - Spread Yellow Pan Pastel over the entire face.
3 - Cut the flowers out of the patterned cardstock
4 - Added black and white checks to several flowers
5 -  Drew and cut girl
6 - Glued some flowers and the girl directly to the face...on top of the numbers... hummm....potential problem, but, its for me, and I know where the numbers are :-)
7 - Glued some flowers to the inside of the cover to add a 3-D effect
8 - Glued a couple flowers to the OUTSIDE of the clock for even more 3-D
9 - Put cover back on
10 DONE!

Friday, July 15, 2011

23 Saved This Week! So Far

Here are 4 of the 23 dogs we rescued this week!  

There were 4 adults and 19 were puppies from various moms... These four, plus one were in my lap for the whole trip...trying to make their way to my face!...I was holding my phone up over my head trying to get a picture...took lots but this is the only one that came out!  PRECIOUS! PRECIOUS puppies!!! 

We were actually one of two cars that went to a dog pound in a small town here in Georgia, loaded them all up and brought them to a rescue foster home here in Atlanta.  All were scheduled to die the very next day!!!  

I put so far in the title because we are picking up 1 or more tomorrow.  Actually, Andrea is the one doing all the work and paying for the gas...I just go along so there is someone available to love on the animal during the trip.

PLEASE! PLEASE don't buy a pet from anyone but a rescuer! (I think you have to pay for the "fixing")  There is probably ANY BRED you want out there being fostered and waiting for a full time home.  I know I was shocked when we transported a Pure bred Blood Hound! 


Friday, July 1, 2011

How to Recycle a Plastic Bottle (Part 2)

About two months ago I saw a picture of some pretty glass bottles filled with lemonade in a tub of ice. It was just so pretty! Well, as is my practice, I went in search of said bottles...even though I'll never have a party where I need a bunch of bottles filled with lemonade! I found them and even ordered a sample...I'm actually looking at it as I type. The cost is about $2.50 each.  But, you know what? Why not just refill my Dr. Pepper bottle with lemonade?! If I do ever decide to need that.

Here you go: with vinyl red dots added :-)

The little collar was my attempt at doing something with the red ring that stays when you take the top off.  I made it thinking it would be a good wrapping "bow".  I then realized that it might fit around the neck of the bottle so I cut it and slipped it on... Make them in different colors and use them like wine glass charms (for water bottles!  People can know which is theirs!...Happy accident!

One more thing... I still needed to find something to do with the wrap so I made a quick, easy button / mirror/magnet

Don't forget to add your ideas HERE

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