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Friday, July 15, 2011

23 Saved This Week! So Far

Here are 4 of the 23 dogs we rescued this week!  

There were 4 adults and 19 were puppies from various moms... These four, plus one were in my lap for the whole trip...trying to make their way to my face!...I was holding my phone up over my head trying to get a picture...took lots but this is the only one that came out!  PRECIOUS! PRECIOUS puppies!!! 

We were actually one of two cars that went to a dog pound in a small town here in Georgia, loaded them all up and brought them to a rescue foster home here in Atlanta.  All were scheduled to die the very next day!!!  

I put so far in the title because we are picking up 1 or more tomorrow.  Actually, Andrea is the one doing all the work and paying for the gas...I just go along so there is someone available to love on the animal during the trip.

PLEASE! PLEASE don't buy a pet from anyone but a rescuer! (I think you have to pay for the "fixing")  There is probably ANY BRED you want out there being fostered and waiting for a full time home.  I know I was shocked when we transported a Pure bred Blood Hound! 


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