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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Scor Tape Test or Something Old, Something New... TIME TO USE IT!

I think I have decided to try and continue my "OK You Just HAD To Have It, Now USE IT!" Challenge

Today I used two new dies:

- paper that was collecting dust (for at least two years) 

and my new 6" Scor Tape

OH! and some glitter like this only gold:

Gotta say I LOVE THE TAPE!!!  So much so that I ordered the 1/8" and 1/4" today.  I thought I could just cut strips from the 6" wide but that isn't all that easy...forget cutting a good straight line!

OK, so I wanted to test using intricate dies and glitter with the tape so this is what I did:

1. I took a 2" strip of tape and covered one side of it with the glitter, making it a piece of glitter tape.

2. Cut the butterfly from that strip of just tape w/ backing.
   - problem, the die cuts super fine lines (which was part of the test for me)...unfortunately the backing paper came off and left just the glue/glitter part in the die so I had to pull it off and of course it stretched ...bad.  I think it would have been fine if I'd used a more solid die, like a solid butterfly, or heart, or something... but I still wanted to use what I had cut so I stuck it to the back of my phone:

I figure this will be a good test of its durability because I have used my phone and rubbed on it all day and that glitter is on there good!

3 - I still wanted a glitter butterfly for a card so this time I stuck some of the glittered tape down onto a piece of scrap card stock and cut it out along with the word:

The results:

It is hard to tell from the picture but both the butterfly and the "thanks" are perfect, solid glitter.  So pretty. One thing that I was worried about was that the glue would gug up my die, but not at all, it came out without leaving anything behind.  Test was a success.

The "OK, You Just HAD To Have It, Now USE IT!" Challenge

Archivers is about 5 miles from my house so it was always my "go-to" when I wanted something that Michael's and Joanne's didn't have.  Well, they are closing... and everything in the store is now 75% off!!!  YES!!  I stocked up with tons of stuff I really don't need...but...it was 75% off!

One of the things I bought was this set of Nestabilities:

I have to say, I didn't love it, but it was only $6.50.  I decided yesterday to force myself to use them and doodle on the cutouts.  Of course I used some of my empty boxes.

I was actually pretty pleased with what I could do just using the shape for inspiration...I started with the obvious, frames for whatever, but then I decided to try flowers....I don't usually do very well with flowers but these were simple.  Start by drawing some circles in the middle then draw the pedals out from the circle to each of the scallops.

And then I stuck them down and drew leaves and stems on the page:

A more Pinterest Friendly version:

Another thing I did yesterday was to buy more Sakura markers...AGAIN.  I can't tell you how many times I have bought these pens and they fall into the black hole that follows me.  THIS TIME I'm going to try and be better and keep up with them by leaving them in the package they came in!  Well, I don't know about you but all those little size numbers mean absolutely nothing to me so I decided to make some examples:

NOW I can tell!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Doodle Ready ATC Cards From LC Boxes

I haven't mentioned this yet but, I started Weight Watchers (again) on January 1st. I only mention this because I have eaten at least one Lean Cuisine every day since and I can't bear to toss the boxes!  That's good, FREE, white cardstock!  So they are my first "go-to" cardstock when using all my new dies.  This week I cut out lots rounded corner cards (about ATC size) using a Sizzix die, that I can use for doodling and/or adding bits and pieces that I have piling up... like the leaf below and the stamped doghouse on the card below... I just like doodling on something that size because any larger blank white paper intimidates me... I figure anyone can fill up this much white space, right?

After I got several cards done (doodled on) I decided that I wanted to hang them together but I didn't want to punch a hole in the top, just in case I decided I wanted to use them for something later.  Sooooo, I punched out a fancy little piece using Spellbinders, Parisian Accents (seen in the middle of samples below).

I only added glue to the back so I could easily remove it without messing up the front of the card... 

I'm showing you a close up of this next card because I love the gingko leaf.  I made that by putting aluminum tape to the front of a piece of box then cut it out...the die has built in embossing lines.  Love it.

Below is a  quick card I made using one of my cards... quick quick because the work was already done.

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