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Friday, January 27, 2012

Free Font...Kamryn At 5

I went to Louisiana last week to visit my family.  One day I sat and "played" with Kamryn, my little 5 year old great-niece.

While we were playing I had her write her alphabet for me so that I could create a font.   I was totally impressed because she is actually in PreK-4.  no where near the first grade yet!

If you want an authentic child's font, here ya go:


The really fun part about it is now I can embroider things using it.  LOVE THAT!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Not Just Any Bee

One of my favorite blogs is Elvie Studio... (Lori Vliegen)  I LOVE that blog!  Be sure to check her site out.  I have been going there for a year probably.    I think I love it because she focuses on just a few things ... lettering, a watercolor something, handmade journals or carved rubber stamps. FOCUSED.  Another thing I LOVE is that she takes BEAUTIFUL pictures of her work and she includes a cool pair of reading glasses in almost every single picture.  I know, kinda weird that I love that but it just makes for such a classy photo.  Notice that all the things I love are NOT what I do, EVER?!  Well, when I grow up I want to be just like Lori. 

Now, I really hate to admit this "out loud" but the name of her blog has always baffled me.  Why Elvie Studio, when her name is Lori ????  Well it suddenly hit me the other day... El (L) Vie (V) are her initials!!!  HELLOOOOO!  Isn't that just so clever?!  

So, naturally, because I want to be like Lori I started thinking about my initials.... NB  I could spell it "InBee" but that really makes no sense...so I added my middle initial   NEB (Any Bee)  YES!  So, my next blog (???) is going to be "Not Just Any Bee"  and here is my the beginnings of my logo! 

 HA!  Now I'm clever too!  Hee Hee.

Anyway, now you will know why this picture will start showing up... cause.... you know, I'm "Not Just Any Bee"!

Always Have the Camera Ready!

I have a new hobby now... Now that the leaves are gone, I am able to see all the different birds that stop by my front yard.  I have a large window just over my sink 

so while I was washing dishes the other day I started seeing all kinds of critters show up.  I went and got my camera and now have in on my counter just waiting for something to show up.

This morning I looked out and saw a woodpecker going away at one of my trees.  Unfortunately, by the time I got to the camera, turned it on, and found him in the lens, this was all I could get!

I got a better picture of the holes he was making than him!  This was actually a mistake click, and then he flew away!  SHOOT!  But still kinda cool huh?

Friday, January 6, 2012

OK, THAT was Weird!

Hi All!  For those of you whole have subscribed to get emails  I want to apologize for yesterday.  Something truly weird happened ... an email went out from a post I wrote back in September! ???  I have NO IDEA what caused that!  I promise it was nothing I did... I haven't touch my blog since my last post.  I only know about it because I got an email from my blog yesterday with the Sept. post.  WEIRD!  Sorry, I promise I haven't decided to just start repeating myself!

That's it, nothing else to say, the house cleaning continues and I am too beat at the end of the day to be any kind of creative!  Though I will say, I CAN NOT BELIEVE THE AMOUNT OF "STUFF" I HAVE!!!  Kinda sick.  I sure wish all of you lived closer so we could have craft days here and you could buy some of it and move it to YOUR house!  I have GOT to sell some stuff!

Take care and have a great day... hopefully I'll be back sooner than later.  But, it looks like I might be making a "suddenly" trip to Louisiana soon.  My niece had surgery yesterday (I didn't even know about it until last night!) so she will be out of work for 4-5 weeks and she wants me to come visit sometime during that time because we never really get to visit when I go and she has to work.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

How To Organize TONS of Ribbon

The problem:  TOO MUCH RIBBON!  

I love ribbon!  I have spent a small fortune trying to keep it all corralled, but, I have out grown all the boxes... and all other solutions I have seen out on the web so I had to invent my own solution.... a hanging "Ribbon Rack"!  Mine is currently holding 336 spools of ribbon, with room for many more (when I find all the hiding places!)  One of the rods has 52 on it so the rack could hold over 500 spools depending on spool sizes.

My Solution: 

What you will need: 
- A Clothes rack...I got this one for $15 at IKEA:  

(Better yet, if you have a closet with an empty rod, you wouldn't need this!  And you could hide it!... I don't have and empty closet ANYWHERE in my house, especially not in the room I want my ribbons... And too, mine is portable because it is on wheels.)

- About 12' of Chain cut in half from hardware store (let them cut it): 

-A Connector (next to the chain at hardware store) - but zip ties would work just as well so save your $

 - Threaded Rods (9) - They sell two kinds...one is in inches, the other has metric measurements.   I had to get metric measures because they are closer to the 4' lengths I needed.  The ones that are by inches are too long and would need to be cut (NOT!)
OH! and try to ignore the wood dowels in the pictures, this is a work in progress and I tried them first to keep it cheap.  BAD IDEA!  Don't do that! 

 - Wing Nut Bolts (2 for each rod)  Remember to get METRIC if that's the kind of rod you get!

How To Assemble:
- Assemble clothes rack according to their instructions
- Loop the end of one of the chains around the top bar, to the inside of the up/down bar so it won't slide off the end...use the connector or a zip tie to connect
- Repeat on the other side

- Put wing nut onto rod
- Load ribbon
- Add the other wing nut to the other end
- Thread a zip tie through one of the links then around the loaded rod BETWEEN the wing nut and ribbon....tighten it (NOT TOO TIGHT) smaller than the nut but large enough around the rod so it will slip out easily later if necessary. 
- Repeat on the other end

That's It!

But, if you look closely at the picture you will see that I hung a pair of scissors and a yardstick over to the right side, now I never have to remove a spool, or look for scissors!

And even closer: you will see that I used a retractable ID holder to attach the yardstick...it just happened to be on the table next to where I was working!  Now I can just pull it over to the ribbon and measure what I need.

Unfortunately, I can tell already that there is another ribbon rack in my future because I keep finding more ribbon around the house!  It is EVERYWHERE!

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