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Friday, July 1, 2011

How to Recycle a Plastic Bottle (Part 2)

About two months ago I saw a picture of some pretty glass bottles filled with lemonade in a tub of ice. It was just so pretty! Well, as is my practice, I went in search of said bottles...even though I'll never have a party where I need a bunch of bottles filled with lemonade! I found them and even ordered a sample...I'm actually looking at it as I type. The cost is about $2.50 each.  But, you know what? Why not just refill my Dr. Pepper bottle with lemonade?! If I do ever decide to need that.

Here you go: with vinyl red dots added :-)

The little collar was my attempt at doing something with the red ring that stays when you take the top off.  I made it thinking it would be a good wrapping "bow".  I then realized that it might fit around the neck of the bottle so I cut it and slipped it on... Make them in different colors and use them like wine glass charms (for water bottles!  People can know which is theirs!...Happy accident!

One more thing... I still needed to find something to do with the wrap so I made a quick, easy button / mirror/magnet

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