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Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to Recycle a Plastic Bottle (Part 1)

Years ago I worked as a Human Factors Engineer for AT&T.  The great thing about AT&T was that they had the best training and Human Factors Instructor in the country, Dr Robert Bailey, Dr. Bob to all who knew and loved him.  I LOVED THAT MAN!  He made learning fun!  One of the fun exercises we did was for the whole class to "Blue Sky" ways to use a, then glass, soda bottle.  No rules.  We came up with over 100 ways!

Yesterday I had an idea I was looking at my empty Dr. Pepper bottle thinking about how I could use it and I decided to let you in on the fun.  I would like your help in "Blue Skying" ways to use ALL PARTS of a plastic drink bottle.  You can either comment your idea, or, if you have seen it or blogged it, please, add to the Link Tool  ... see the button in the top tool bar "Recycle Bottle"... please use that screen to add your ideas or great finds.  I will leave that link so you can find it, or you can save a link... I'm hoping to have lots of participation.  If you think of something to make and you blog it PLEASE add a link.  I have already added a few...and will add the following soon. 

 Be sure and think about EVERY PART of the bottle

Here is one of my ideas...(more to come):

- My favorite...because I am feeling SO CLEVER about this... My "Marker Shelf"!

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Everyone knows that you should always store your double ended markers horizontally so that the ink doesn't all rush to one end.  That is usually a challenge, for me anyway... I have tried many different ways but as my marker collection grew I was running out of ideas... Until yesterday when I saw a bottle that I had cut the top off of for a different project laying at my feet.  EUREKA!!!  IDEA!  Hook several together, one for each color group!  

At first I thought I would punch holes and brad them together...that would work...BUT, I saw the plastic thingy that holds them together when you buy them... and it has a handle!  So, I loaded them all back into the plastic thingy and now I can carry it from place to place!

And if I decide to stand them up while I'm using them I can do that too!

The plan is, to add even more when I get more empties (thankfully I hadn't taken the trash out and was able to dig these out!)... I'll do that by adding another holder thingy...linking it to the top row of  this set giving me 3 holes to add another layer...all attached to each other!  Oh yea, I'm so clever!

added 7/20/2011
My shelves are now 3 high and 4 across! ...  with no end in sight!  I still need a "cubby hole" for scissors, rulers, and (TBD) , and, and,  and my EVER DISAPPEARING remote control! ... (because it sits on my coffee table in front of the tv :-)  And yes, it is still portable...

TIP: If you try this it is important to cut the bottle in the right place...The bottles I used have a larger bottom and top... be sure and cut about an inch above where the bottle gets smaller. You want both ends to be the same diameter when lying down so your markers won't fall out!  (guess how I figured that one out:-)

DON'T FORGET...click on the link in the top tool bar to see more ideas, and PLEASE ADD YOUR OWN...or some you have found on the internet!

OH!  And I would LOVE IT if you would spread the word...let's have us a HUGE "Linky" Party!

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  1. fabulous idea and very green thanks for sharing hugs sharon

  2. thanks Sharon! My "shelves" are now 3 high and 4 across...I just added a photo of that.

    And, I made some cute bangle bracelets from one of my Dr. Pepper bottles this weekend, come back soon to see! I'll be posting that later today.

    Thanks again for stopping by and letting me know you did.

  3. What a great idea. Also, I didn't know markers should be stored horizontally. It makes sense, though.

  4. what a great idea you have used foor the markers

  5. Thanks Grammy and Marijke! And Grammy, the horizontal thing is important to remember when shopping for double ended markers. I don't buy them if they are hanging... if you notice most of the more expensive, sold individually, markers are all horizontal.

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