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Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Make 1700 Glittered Butterflies (sorta fast)

I actually wrote this a while back when I was working on conference stuff, I just never published it until today...
OK, so I was told that I could put a business card or flyer in 1700 conference bags!  YAY! Right? Welllllll.... not the way I do things!  I'm thinking I need to make something that shows what I "do" so I came up with this idea:

BAD IDEA!  I have spent the last 2.5 days and I've only done about 500!  CAN'T do that!  So back to the drawing board so that I can let the printer do most of the work...and this is what I came up with:

But, back to the point, I took the pictures so I might as well share...

How to make 1700 Glittered Butterflies

1. Using a ruler to keep the line straight, run a line of glue onto patterned card-stock,...  (I couldn't find my phone book but that's the best thing to use for something like this because you can keep turning the page so you don't get glue on the backs of your card-stock when you start a new page.)

2. Repeat all the way across the page about 1" apart

3. Apply glitter to whole sheet... over a pre-folded (then opened back) piece of paper for easy pouring later.

You actually want 2 pre-folded pieces of paper so there is always a sheet under the glitter container...one for pouring and the other to catch the overflow.

4. Set aside to dry

5. Start to punch with the glittered line in the middle for the body of the butterfly.

For the business card I then glued the butter fly down onto a sheet of printed "conference logo" butterflies

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