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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Aluminum Flashing + Die = COOL!

I was trying to go sleep last night and had one of those suddenlies! (sp?)  "I wonder it this will work??"

Several years ago Making Memories sold these:

I loved them so much that I didn't want to use them...so, I still have 20 or more of each letter!  Nuts right?  But I just didn't want to not have them.  And, MM no longer sells them, so seeeee, I can't get them anymore!

  Anyway, I wondered if I could recreate it... by using my die cut machine, some aluminum flashing and my vinyl cutter... So, I had to get up right then and give it a try!

Close enough!  Because if you didn't see the original it would work.  I'm pretty sure I have a closer font so I'll have to look for that....and, I'm going to hammer the hole back further into the die so that it doesn't cut, because it is too low

Then of course the wheels started turning...what else could I cut???

... but first, I took pictures to show that I really did use my die cutter:

Using Tim Holtz Die  

Some of the dies I had already that I could use:

Sooooo... what to do with the different shapes??? 
  • You could make anything for outside because it is rust free.. (letters for a garden sign, or numbers for your house or mailbox)
  • What about organizing your garage with style?

(I spray painted the cut shape then added a piece of black vinyl... you don't need expensive "made for chalk" vinyl or paint if you are going to use these FANTASTIC liquid chalk markers:

The screws are an optical illusion...they are really brads from Making Memories...and I stuck it to the can with the super sticky Wonder tape (I had a sheet of it so it doesn't look exactly the same)

Of course, I have ZERO intention of organizing my garage so I changed it to say "Markers" instead!  So, it can look like this: 

Or, it could look like this :-) :
You decide....

And, because I never put things away... I had everything required for this on my dining room table!!!

Final note...sure, you could easily do the same things with cardstock, but I LOVE the stainless steel look so I will be putting labels on everything in my kitchen soon!

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