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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fun EBAY Finds

First, I'm not really an Ebay shopper... mainly because I have made some pretty big mistakes in the past and realized I can't be trusted! 

You see, I have this "I WANT IT NOW" problem and having to wait 5+ days to find out if I "won" something makes me a little crazy. This was evidenced when I bought TWO, countem, TWO heavy duty paper cutters (both over $300 each!!!)...because I bid on one then find another closing sooner so I bid on it too. OH MERCY! Thankfully, I found someone willing to buy the second one right away. (THANK YOU JESUS!). 

Then there was a time that I paid more in bidding than they were selling the item for on their online store! NOT happy about that!

Anywaaaay, I decided to chance it again last week and I just got what I "won" yesterday and today.

First thing... I bid on 72 Marvy LePlume II Markers or a grouping of 6 12 marker packs ...
only 5 shown because I left one in the box and didn't realize it

at Micheal's each pack is $21 so the 6 packets would be $126+ I won the bid for $43+ $5 shipping. YES!!! A GREAT DEAL! (even with a 40% coupon)

Then today I got a really huge surprise! I got my second "won" item.  ... an old Webster's Dictionary.    I found out that there are some auctions that let you "Make Your Best Offer"!!  I did not know you could do that!  So, I gave it a try.  There was a Webster's Dictionary listed at a "Buy It Now" price of $15 so I offered $10 and they accepted it.  I have no clue if I got a good price or not, I just know that I am THRILLED with it!  That puppy is a MONSTER!

It has 1000+ pages and was published in 1952!  What fun!  That makes it 58 years old!  YES!!!
And it came with someone's memories:

You want to see the definition of "Love" in 1952?  I wonder if its different now??  I don't really care what it is now... I like everything about "Love" better back then I think.... 


Do you want a picture of a word defined???  Just ask in the comments and I'll take one for you. :-)


  1. I would say great score!! $10 seems a fair price to me. I too pick up old books, sometimes I have a hard time cutting them up...
    And I do understand the auction fever, When my oldest children were babies a girlfriend and I use to go to the live auction in our town and buy boxes of ...crap...I mean good stuff LOL
    Of course we shared the price and the spoils.

  2. OH GOOD! Glad I got a deal. I've never actually been to a "real" auction...no wait! my daddy use to take me to cattle auctions! HA! NO TEMPTATION THERE! Except when the horses were auctioned, I wanted them all!


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