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Monday, August 8, 2011

And the "Attack of the Annoying Ants" Saga Continues!

OK, now it is WAR!!!  The nasty little things got to my donuts before I could!!!!  That's OK, this time I decided to TORTURE them instead of killing them!

You know how completely crazy they go when you block the path and they can't see the ant butt in front of them... they don't know where to go!   WELLLLLLLL....I moved my box of donuts (FILLED with ants) from the kitchen to out the back door on the opposite side of the house!  They will NEVER find their way home now!  Bahhhahahaha.

I SHOWED THEM!  They'll have to be the "new kid" on the block now!  HA!  Take that you nasty ants!


  1. Icing sugar and powdered borax....sprinkled where they and not your cats can get it...bye bye ants, just saying you are sounding a tad on the edge LOL

  2. Hey! They ate my donuts before I could!!!

    I'll have to try the sugar and borax... I was using honey and borax and it worked, its just that they are coming from EVERYWHERE! Kinda like sticking my finger in the dike! Plug one hole up and another one pops open! I don't know what is up with so many ants! Rain? I don't know.

    By the way Fairy, you know I know your real name right? I just use Fairy because you do. :-)

  3. Amb lo bons que són els donuts!!!

  4. LOL, yes you have been entrusted with my real name...because I knew you were a faery girl at heart. Have you looked up your fairy name?. I do have a link on my side bar.
    I think ants have a season...I know a song about them marching...just thought I'd plant that seed for you. Have a good antless day Nancy


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