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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Putting it All Together

This morning I was digging through a drawer looking for something I needed and found these:  I LOVE these things, but never really use them...

Until today.... 

Not long after I started this blog I showed how to make fabric yo-yos  and a few days later I was crocheting flowers.  But I had ZERO clue what I was going to do with either one... until this morning!!!

I made gift tags!

I just put the yo-yo and flower together with a decorative brad then glued that down to the store bought tag.  Oh, I did change the string out with a piece of black jute, because you know I love black!


This is why I sit and make things all day long with no clue how I'm going to use them... the idea always comes.

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  1. Te han quedado unas etiquetas preciosas. Los regalos asi lucen mucho más


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