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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lip Gloss Gift for Servers

On Monday I mentioned that I had made some lip gloss over the weekend.  It is SUPER SIMPLE!  But SUPER MESSY!!!  I got the recipe (Vaseline and Kool-aid) from HERE.  But I did something wrong because mine looks NOTHING like Jill Dubien's!  So I won't even bother to tell you how to do it, she gives great instructions... but you have to follow them!  I don't know why, but I always want to skip the actual instructions and speed things up....like I added the Kool-aid before the Vaseline was melted!  WRONG!!  AND, I also bought the store brand, maybe that was part of the problem???

Anyway, anyway.  Mine taste like cherry, it just isn't a pretty pink color.  And I'm thinking that really isn't a bad thing either because this way I can give it to guys and they won't be put off by the pink.  And, since I put it in metal tins instead of clear, it really doesn't matter.  OH!  Here it is, I almost forgot!  

She provides a free printable.  I used it but I will probably make my own, less cutesy one for guys.  I printed the labels onto 8.5"x11" label paper.  I LOVE THE STUFF!!!  I collect it!  I have as many colors as I can find... well, at least colors that I think I might use.  Which brings me to the packaging....I use kraft color label paper there....

I made the box from a die that I have.  There are tons of box templates "out there"... but, maybe I will make pre-cut, pre-scored boxes available in my store.  I sold them AGES ago when I sold Stampin'Up! but when they started selling boxes I lost the business so I have TONS of dies just sitting there!

What I did:
1. Cut a 1/4" strip of Kraft label paper and stuck it down to the bottom of the box, while it was still flat

2. Used the "bird on a wire" boarder punch (Martha Stewart, I think) all the way across the 8.5" width of the kraft paper.

3. Cut that into a strip
4. Stuck it down onto the flat box leaving a gap of color above the last strip

5. Glued the box together and added the little banner (from THIS KIT by Cecelia Louie)  

6.  When I stuck the of birds down there were a couple hanging off the edge so I trimmed those off and added on to my little banner.

7. Tied it closed with bakers twine.  DONE!

I will be making enough boxes today for all the lip gloss tins I made this weekend so that I can keep them in my car and give them out to servers, or friends, or whoever.

OH!  I forgot, I did seal the tin so that it is a  little less obvious that it is homemade.


  1. Pero si es genial que se vea que esta hecho en casa! Te ha quedado una presentacion muy linda y la caja de los pajaritos es super bonita!

  2. Hi Pitavola! Is your language Catalan? Google only translates some words, so I have to guess what you are saying...
    >>But if you see that is great to be homemade!

    I think you are saying it is good for people to know that it is homemade... RIGHT! I agree, but because it is something that people put on their lips I don't want them to feel it isn't safe to use because it is homemade. Make sense?

    These words didn't translate at all:
    Te has quedado and the Los Pajaritos is super nice!
    What's that? I could just say thank you because it looks like a compliment! but I want to understand :-)

  3. This is a really sweet idea, specially for kiddie crafts for the Summer.


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