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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Rest of the Story...


Last week you guys helped me
 out with what to do about my
friend's sweatshirt.... this is what 
I ended up doing with it...
because I had to agree with Pat,
 I wouldn't want someone staring at it long enough to figure out what it said!  I THOUGHT the color I was using was more gray than blue, but up against the gray it looks totally blue!

And then I moved on... I have THREE nieces going to LSU right now!  And two more that are LSU crazy so I figured I would be safe doing this one... out of five girls, somebody is gonna want it!

Just so you know, my "model" insisted that her head be cropped :-)  she wasn't "camera" ready.

Think early Christmas shopping

Email me, at nancy@myfathershands.com
or I'm gonna add it to my store in a minute.

And, one more thing, you know I never go to lunch with a friend empty handed so when my model and I decided to go eat I threw some vinyl polka dots on my bulb and tied an already made heart string and was ready to roll in 5 minutes!  Gotta love having all the parts made ready for throw together :-) The hearts helped make the red bottom make sense. 


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