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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Printing Your Directories

Have you ever wanted to print out a list of files in a directory on your PC?  GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!  I don't know why Windows doesn't allow for it but if you try you will not get the list, but every single file will print!  OUCH!  

Well, I have wanted to do this in the past and did a search on the Web, because there is ALWAYS someone out there that has seen the need before you and worked out the solution.  And this time Karen did it.  Karen has quite a few "Power Tools" that she offers online for free.  Of course, my most favorite is "Directory Printer".  It will let you send straight to the printer, or to a text file that can be pulled into EXCEL for better sorting.  My plan is to try and find all the "same" files on my hard drive and clean them up a bit.

Disclaimer... I didn't get a virus when I downloaded some of her things, but it is always a good idea to make sure you are protected from that with a virus checker.

Later in the day.....

I have been playing with it throughout the day and another cool thing you can do is set your own searches so that it will print out all of a certain kind of file.  Like all photos, or I did a custom one to search all of my embroidery stitch files.  It happens WAAAAY faster than trying to search with Windows!

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  1. I use Directory Report

    It can print out many reports in many formats


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