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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Autumn in Atlanta...AMAZING!

I am originally from Louisiana where there are two colors...green and brown.  Period.  I had never seen autumn colors like there are here in Atlanta....and even though I have been here almost 30 years I am still awestruck by the color.  

My yellow trees are almost bare now, they don't last long!  But I had to go to Smyrna today, which is about 8 miles down the road towards Atlanta and rounded a corner to see this row of trees!!!  I wish you could see the real deal, photos just don't do it justice.  It was like they were lit up!  I ALMOST got hit because I threw on my breaks in the middle of the road and tried to get my camera out to take a picture!  CRAZY!!  So, I figured I'd better get out of the way and come back on the way home and have the camera ready instead of having to dig it out of the box it was in!  Well, after several u-turns, and a couple honking cars, required to get myself in just the right spot ... I stop in the center of the road again to take this!  I know, I know, you folks from other parts of the country are probably use to it but  I'm not.  And quite honestly, I always think that photos of the Fall colors have been "photoshopped" to get those colors.  Well, I can promise you this... this picture is straight from the camera to the blog with no software in between!


  1. Awesome photo!!!
    You did the right thing. So often I have missed our fall display because I waited a day too long and they were all on the ground.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks Fairy! I did do the right thing, kinda stupid, but right. I always say "I wish I had my camera"... and I did this time! But it was in a box across the car from me so more planning was/is required for those "suddenlies"

    Sorry I was so slow replying... I have been crazy busy getting ready for a craft show and filling a few orders so blogging has been put on the back burner.... I'm sure you can tell by the flimsy post I have do the last few weeks!

    I've got one order that is messing with my brain so being creative has been tough... until I get this one problem behind me I'm not worth much!

    Hope you are well!


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