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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gifts Ready for Giving

Yesterday I mentioned that I keep a supply of clear ornaments on hand for gift giving.  Here is what I have ready and waiting by my front door "just in case" I need to give something suddenly.


I usually give people one with their name or monogram inside... but this is Christmas after all!  And I don't have to know anything about who I'm going to give to, I just pick one up, already wrapped, and go.

What's the magic?  How is it inside the ornament ?... or sorry, I guess you really can't tell that the nativity is inside the ball, appearing to just float in the middle.  Not magic at all.  Cut a piece of transparency just smaller than the ornament. like this:

This is the file I use to cut six at a time on my cutter...but you don't need a cutter, just cut a circle out and REMEMBER TO include a tab so you have some control once the transparency in down in the ornament.

Once you have it cut, and you have something stuck to it (like my vinyl nativity), roll it up tight enough to stick it down in the top of the ornament, once the roll is down inside you can let it go and it will automatically pop open.  You can then use something like a paintbrush to stick down inside to make most of the adjustments, or just move the tab around until you are happy, then cut the tab off level with the top, replace the ornament top... tie a ribbon, done! 

When my friend Andrea moved she gave me a HUGE box of old patterns that I am now using to do a quick wrap.  I LOVE, LOVE the look!  I made the felt holly by stitching the leaf pattern onto the felt then cut them out.  The "berry" is a covered (with felt) pin back button...so it too is a gift that can be worn.

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