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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cool Doodle!

I know, I know, this is a doodle, but I think it is just so cool that I wanted to share here too.

The fun part is that ZERO talent is required and there's some potential there for really cool ideas!

As usual, I got the original idea from Pinterest link  from "The Forest Room" .  A teacher had gotten her kids to trace around their hands then take a marker and draw straight until you get to the line then
"bump" over it until you get to the other side and go straight again, like I did below.

Isn't that COOL!?!  I just love it!  Art teachers are so smart!  

If you notice, it looks like I got darker on the pencil lines, but the marker did that, I didn't...not on purpose anyway...it happened mainly where I stopped (hesitated) and started drawing straight again.  Happy fluke.

So anyway, you see how far I got with my hand before I decided to move on to the name.  I quick drew "JESUS" and started the markers moving ....

I think it would be great to get kids to do their own hand and/or name and frame it because it looks like so much more than it actually is to me.  Go check out what the kids did, I like theirs better!


  1. Wow Nancy! That is Brilliant! No, seriously, very very clever! It makes everything look 3D. And nice to see you back. Don't worry about how often you post, this is your blog and I'm always happy to come over and say hi!

  2. Giggling... I KNOW Rhissanna! And so stinking simple! Thx for understanding.

  3. Oh, and, I'm sending this to my friend in the UK who assists with special needs kids in a church school. She's gonna love this. And you need to get this out to all the linky parties, this is perfect for keeping snowed-in kids happy.


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