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Friday, December 16, 2011


No time to chat but I just found this and wanted to share! 
Click on picture and it will take you to Dafont for a free download.  COOL!


  1. Wow, Nancy, these are really amazing! Thank you for sharing. I know you love fonts!

  2. YES Rhissana! I do love fonts! It's kind of embarrassing how many I have...and would you believe that in the past I would even pay whatever the asking price was for them?! Now you can find most for free at Dafont. But not the monogram ones, those still have to be purchased. This one excites me too. ... and it made me want to do one something like it... not too sure what that would look like right now but it would be fun to create. I pinned this: http://pinterest.com/pin/100838479126260664/ on pinterest the other day and I'm trying to figure out how the heck he did it... I WANT TO DO IT TOO!

  3. Que original! gracias por compartir y feliç fin de semana

  4. Your welcom pitavola! You have a great weekend too!


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