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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I truly do.  As a matter of a fact I love it so much that I bought a HUGE supply of it to sell several years ago... I even have the 5 foot high display rack!  I think I probably only sold $50 worth because I stopped having folks over for craft night and no one knows about it now.  But, it still makes me happy, just having it there to look at.  

So here is how today's "stumble into something good" happened.  I found a blog where the girl had made round glitter labels using the ones you buy at any office supply store.  YUMMMY!  Gotta love that!.... So, of course, loving glitter like I do, I had to start immediately making my own.... But, I modified the process a bit... I didn't make it better necessarily, just different.

Her way:
  • Spray glue over the entire sheet of labels
  • Add Glitter
  • Peel backing off of label sheet leaving just the labels.

The main reason I didn't want to go that route is that it has been raining here all day long and I didn't want to spray the stuff in my house.... so I punted.

First thing, I have TONS of round labels, because I love label paper almost as much as I love glitter, BUT, I also have lots of 8.5"x11"  labels and a vinyl cutter so I can make any shape/letter/whatever label I want so why go with round?!  Right? I decided to cut some fleur-de-lis in honor of my niece that loves and collects them.

Yes, I cut circles too, because I hate to waste any label paper, I want to fill the entire thing up with something!

Now here is what I did differently.  I decided to just take advantage of the sticky side of the label and dipped that down into the glitter, then use ModPodge to glue the label down to whatever....in this case an ornament.


Kinda hard to see, I know...glitter never reads well in a picture and the ornament is black against a black background!  Sorry!  You'll have to take my word for it...it is VERY sparkly and pretty.

Nope, I didn't just happen to have a black ornament in my stash.  I do however, keep a supply of clear ornaments because I use them as gifts a lot.  In this case though, the clear wouldn't work because you would be able to see the back side of the label from any angle that wasn't head on.  Black was the perfect choice because all of my family lives in Louisiana and my niece is Saints crazy.    All I did to make it black was squirt some black acrylic paint down inside and swirl it around until it was coated.  (much, much easier and cleaner than trying to spray paint it!)  I then glued 4 of the glitter "stickers" with ModPodge (just add it to the back of the sticker, not the ornament) ....   Ta-daaaaa!  EASY!  QUICK!  Saints Ornament!

The advantage to her way is the label is ready for sticking down.

The advantage to my way is there's less glitter waste and ModPodge is cheaper than spray glue.  And, I can do one at a time and just keep the rest for later when a different color might make more sense, or doing something, not glitter would work better.


  1. I always learn something when I visit you.
    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful how to's.
    Shine on you glitter girl!!

  2. FAIRY!! THANKS! I'm so glad you said that!.... cause you just never know...I feel like sometimes the whole world already knows some of the stuff I am just falling into, that are happy surprises to me! BUT! On the other side of that, I know that they don't really teach Home Ec. anymore and so much of what we learned years and years ago is slowly disappearing. So, I try not to assume anything and just tell it all and hope I'm not too boring. THANK YOU! THANK YOU for your comment!

  3. una idea estupenda que no tardare nada en provar.
    Gracias por ser tan ingeniosa

  4. Glad to see you're back and still posting, Nancy. Tne decoration looks lovely and yes, reading your way of doing it, it does seem as if it would be less messy. And white glue is cheaper than spray glue (like..a LOT cheaper)


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