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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Check! Check! Check!

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But, back to the

I "handed over" the last of the order for the church!  YES!!!  Actually, I took it to my friend's house (she is the event's coordinator at the church) ...Yup, 1:50 AM.  She had left her car unlocked for me.

250 mirrors, 50 sets of magnets, 75 tiles

75 more tiles for a total of 150

 1700 business cards!!!  OK, so can I just say right here... 1700 is a VERY LARGE number!  I don't know why it didn't intimidate me at first but it takes 4EVER to do 1700 of anything!

This is the first batch of about 500...that it took me THREE DAYS to make!!!

TIME FOR A REDESIGN!!!  Let the printer do most of the work! 1200 more...

And, last but not least... my "door prize"...kinda hokie, but my printer stopped working just as I was about to come up with some cute! (At 1:00 this morning!) ARGH!!!

OH!  And I just filed an extension on my taxes ("I'll think about that tomorrow") so I am a ...

Time to be creative again!

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