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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I AM SO EXCITED!!!  My first Spoonflower fabric came today!!!  YES!!  OK, can I just say, I now know where all my $$ will be going!  I LOVE IT!
It arrived in a THIN envelope...
This is it!  FANTASTIC!  

Are you wondering what the heck it is?  Well, each individual picture is a door pillow top.  (soon to be found in your local internet store)... I had to also include the back piece for the "non-black/white" ones because I would never be able to match the front fabric, it was just some I came up with.... see the "tie-dye" look (finished pillow below), I made that with just a few clicks of "watercolor brushes" in PSE...SIMPLE! SIMPLE!
And a pillow is born.....

See... door pillow, just a little over one hour from getting it. The pillow didn't take that long, I just did other things before I started. 

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