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Monday, April 18, 2011

I Made A Button .... FINALLY!!!

One of my goals yesterday was to create a "Button" for people to copy to link back to here. Well! Let me just tell ya, that was a whole lot easier said than done! I started by searching the web and found Amy on "Blogging With Amy".

VERY useful site! Everything you ever wanted to know about blogging, and then some!

It all seemed so simple, just copy her code and replace it with my own... NOT! I had to get my server support person involve just to find out what the path was for the place I stored the picture!

But, today, 24 hours later, I HAVE IT!!! Check it out, on the right column >>> ... somewhere... I'm getting too much over there!

I know, I know .... WHY??? What can I say, I'm preparing for my "BIG" future! :-) One day someone MIGHT want to link back here, I might start hosting blog hops, or something, ya just never know!

So, if you copy the code and paste it into your html, you get this! Hee! Hee!


Now I have to stick with the "look" of my site, I am using it EVERYWHERE!

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