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Friday, April 29, 2011

Now That I Have Bought from Lettering Delights, HOW DO I USE IT?!

I have had several questions about how to use files purchased from Lettering Delights and I TOTALLY understand the confusion!  They have made it SO SIMPLE to use that it is CONFUSING!

First, LD sells several different kinds of products.  There are two that act like fonts... one is "Fonts" and the other is "Doodlebats". Both of those are True Type Fonts so they act just like any other font on your PC... once they are installed you can use them in ANY package, just select from the Pulldown Menu.  THOSE are the only two that I download after purchase!

When you buy a lot of things at once like I do, the download screen  that you see after the purchase can be a bit overwhelming.   Each set has several ways to download.  DON'T!  ONLY download the fonts and doodlebats.  ... The easiest way is to download the installer.  As soon as it finishes downloading it automatically loads the .ttf file in the correct folder to be used in any software package.

Now, for the other "graphic" type files...just leave them on LD website, you always have access to them and you only have to save files on your PC as you need them.

When you go to the website sign in under your username and password, then you can click on "Click here to go to My Library" at the top of the screen.

The resulting screen should look something like this.  You can view everything you have purchased from this screen.  

I have shown it after I did a search on the word "arrow" with the filter "My Library".  That will find everything I have purchased that has an arrow in it, in this case there are two sets that have arrows. (you may not see them in the list, you have to click on that set to see everything within the set)  If you don't choose "my library" it will show you everything they have that has an arrow.  (I did that first and all it did was make me want to buy more!!!...but the sale if off :-(

Now, to the right of every set is a "Try Me Now" Button.  THAT is the MAGIC BUTTON!  Click on that.

Here I have selected the arrow that I want and clicked on the "Save" button.  That will save a .png file of JUST THAT ONE SELECTED ITEM onto my PC (watch where it saves it on yours!) that can now be used like any other graphic on your PC.... you can see it on several of the pictures I have loaded here.   I love that it is a .png file because there won't be any white around it.  However, not all LD graphics are .png files some are .jpg... the older ones, so you have to deal with the white box or delete it using a package like PS Elements.

Here is what an "Alphabet" would look like... (each letter is actually a graphic ... Alphabets are NOT fonts! even though most are letters, they are pictures of letters ...confusing.... I know) ... You just have to type your line of text and save that:

And this is how it would look pulled into Blogger...


9 Free Fonts

That's it!  If you still have questions about using the graphic files just ask!  I can answer SOME questions.  :-)



    Thank you so much for posting this, I will be working on what I purchased.
    I just started loading one font. It is taking a long time, but I am hopeful.

  2. Thanks! I hope it helped!

    If you have issues with the .exe file for the font then download the .ttf only file and go to where is saves it... right click on it and there will be an "Install" option, click that and you will be good to go! Just don't mess with the .zip file, not worth the effort.


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