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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My First "Little" Student

This is Nicole Snyder. She is one of my best friend's daughters. She is 8 years old and decided she wanted to make her older brother a pillow for Christmas.  She ended up making two pillows and 9 tissue covers in about 3 hours!  AWESOME!!!  She made gifts for all her teachers, grandmothers, mother, brother, grandfather, and even a tissue cover for herself! (IN JUST THREE HOURS!!!)  WOW!  Pretty amazing since it was her first time to ever sew anything!

It took two trips over to her house because the "teacher" failed to bring any extra needles so when the one and only broke on the first trip, all production stopped!  I went back over today and was there just for show, I could have left my sewing machine there and she could have done it all completely without me!  She remembered everything I had said last week!  She ran in from school and got on the machine immediately, finishing the first pillow and two tissue covers, then made another pillow and two more covers!!! (in just over an hour!!!) 


You can find the "How-To" for the Tissue covers here.

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  1. Wow, now isn't she clever....:) So cute!!

    I love the look of the blog...I have a thing for ink spots. LOL


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