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Friday, March 16, 2012

Color Magic!

Years and years ago, "before the fire" I was a polymer clay artist.  I LOVED it!  But, it was extremely messy, and expensive so when the fire destroyed everything I chose not to get back into it...because I had all new carpet...and, it was expensive!

One of the things that I (FINALLY) learned after wasting lots of money trying to buy all the colors of clay is you really only need THREE! + White +Black.  You can create the whole color wheel with the primaries and all the colors will blend beautifully together.   Just don't try to throw in a different "red" (or blue, or yellow) into the mix, you have to stick with the SAME three primary colors.  

Back then I used a formula to create each color 1 part blue + 1 part yellow =.  What I did today was far less
formal.....Today I decided do it with paint .... I started with these three colors + white.

Look at what I got! LOVE!

I KNOW!  Doesn't seem right does it?  To start with only those three colors and end up with all this!  BEAUTIFUL! 


  1. What a lovely image, Nancy! I really like the graduation towards the olive green. You ought to get back into polymer clays. If you haven't done it for a while, there's a lot of new clays out there. And you're a big girl now and can keep it off the carpet!


  2. This is beautiful. A rainbow for St Patricks day!!
    How gorgeous Nancy
    Keep smiling and creating

  3. HEY LADIES!!! Great to "talk" again! Rhissanna, you silly girl! There is NO WAY I could keep it out of the carpet!..trust me, I was a "big girl" then too. Not only that, I have NO MORE ROOM! Not for ANY kind of new craft! That one took up a whole room all by itself. And, I'm retired now so I don't have all the help I had before mixing colors. Seriously, it was so funny, I had people coming to my desk at AT&T asking for clay to "play with"...my trick to getting it mixed :-) I got people hooked when I would sit and "play" with it during meetings...my boss understood my hands needed to be busy...they saw me and wanted some of their own. Seriously! they would come by my desk on the way to meetings to get some. Too funny.
    Fairy! You are right, I didn't pick up on that! Holidays just kinda slip past me now. It weird what you don't notice when you don't have TV to remind you. Thankfully, I have friends that will let me know things that matter, like when the time changes! HA!

    Y'all have a great one!

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