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Thursday, April 18, 2013

FREE Washi Tape Storage

Well, it is free if you already have what you need.... and I bet you do :-).

This past Monday Archiver's had a "ONE DAY ONLY" 33% off all Embellishments!  Well.... that has my name written all over it!  I have managed to resist the temptation to own more than 2 rolls of washi tape up until now but, hey, Archiver's has the largest selection around and it was 33% off!!!
I'm too embarrassed to admit how much I bought, but I did make two trips. :-)

So, now I have all this tape, how the heck do I store it???  I KNOW!!!  Wax paper doesn't really need the box it comes in right?!  And it comes with its own "cutting" blade.  PERFECT!

The only other thing you need is some kind of rod to pass through the rolls of tape... I just happen to have the twisted wire rod on my coffee table, a left over from another project.  You could do the same thing or cut the long edge of a wire clothes hanger, just bend the ends up a bit so it doesn't slide out.  OH!  almost forgot, I punched holes on either end of the box so that the wire ran through and out.

Now, you could stop there but...it really is kinda ugly so I grabbed my ever ready can of black paint and sprayed that baby down, then covered two sides with the tape that was going inside the box.  Now i can tell what is inside even if the box is closed.


Just remember to face all of the tape edges towards the outside of the box so that you can unroll and tear it on the box edge more easily.



  1. I love this idea! So clever and thank you for sharing.

  2. Nice, now where is my wax paper box :)

  3. Great Idea. Can hardly wait to empty my foil box.


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