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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I'm not certain you have picked this up about me yet... probably not.... but I tend to say what I think.  And, if I love something, I REALLY LOVE it and I want to spread the good word (and vice versa, but we won't go into that).  I want all my friends to know about it and get in on a good deal too!

WELL! Such is the case with AMAZON PRIME!  I have been using it for about seven months now and I have loved every minute of it!  If you take the time to bother reading this you WILL THANK ME, I PROMISE!  I'm excited about it today because yesterday I saved TONS in shipping and that excites me.

Yes, you have to pay $79 for a year, up front, but I have WAY more than made that back in benefits! And I will GLADLY pay it again in October.  

You wouldn't believe all the benefits!

(first, you get to try it for 30 days FREE!  Do that just for the free shipping!)

1. "UNLIMITED Prime MOVIES and TV Shows "
It works much like Netflix and Hulu Plus (only without commercials!) ... each of those cost $7.99 a month, making their total for a year $95.88 (see, already saving) ... No, not every movie that Amazon sells is free to watch, but there are thousands that are!  And, you can watch them on any digital data device! TV, cell phone, Kindle, iPad, whatever.  

2. The next, most important (to me) benefit is that you get is FREE TWO DAY SHIPPING on almost everything your order!!  Just yesterday I place two different orders and they will both be here tomorrow!..  FREE SHIPPING!!  AMAZING!  And I order almost everything I buy from Amazon because I don't have to pay taxes or shipping!... and, the prices are usually better.  Like the book I show in the left column iPad for Artists: How to Make Great Art with Your Tablet
sells at my local Barnes and Nobel for $19.95 + tax = $21.54, I paid $9.46 TOTAL!  I bet I order something at least every other week. 

3.  A FREE Kindle Book each month.  Would you believe THIS is the reason I joined?!  And I use it the least.... but, the Hunger Games Series was available and I wanted to read them... and I did, for free!  No, you don't have to own a Kindle to take advantage of this one, they have a PC/iPad/Android app so you can read it on any device.

4. There are more things that I haven't bothered to learn about...like a 5 GB Cloud for storage. So, instead of using up all your valuable hard drive space on your iPad/Kindle/whatever, you store songs, movies, pictures, whatever there and access it through "the cloud"! 

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