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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Altoid Can and Bottle Cap Makeovers

Last weekend I finally decided to start on my "To Do" list... see above menu.  I had a couple of links to pin cushions that I thought were cute and I was doing the whole "clean the coffee table thing" (that never actually happened) so I took what I had sitting around and made these:

There are a few differences in mine and the other ladies'.  I am all about "GET IT DONE QUICK" so I used ribbon to wrap around the tops and a lot of the "dots" on each are actually the pins.  I also added a little piece of metal (could be a washer...mine wasn't, but could be...I used flattened button parts) inside between the cover and the cap so that I could then put a magnet anywhere, like on my sewing machine and I could then put my pin cushion on the magnet and it would stay ... or be moved.

When I ran out of bottle tops I went around the house looking for other tops I could use.  I didn't find any other unused caps but I did find TONS of these brown containers that I never figured a use for...so here ya go...larger pin cushions.

THEN, yesterday a friend sent me a text message asking if I wanted some old Altoid tins she had been saving... HECK YES! (THANKS Jodie!) So this morning I made this set:

I have actually listed a KIT to make this in my Etsy store and at my new Store Website.  The kit will include downloadable patterns and video tutorials (I think...I'm thinking that is video is easier to understand than just pictures ??? please let me know if you disagree!)

OH!  Just FYI, the kit is 60% off on my website!  Just a little bonus for reading this far :-).

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