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Friday, September 23, 2011

Today I Saved $500+ Each Year in Insurance!

And all it took was one 10 minute phone call!

I got my car insurance bill in the mail today and wanted to cry at the cost!  COME ON PEOPLE!!!  And it suddenly occurred to me that I needed to call my insurance guy and try and see if there wasn't something that could be done.

I remembered that every time you get car insurance they ask how far you drive on average to work.  Well, I haven't worked in almost two years so I bet I haven't put 1500 miles on my car total this last two years!  Sure enough, they changed my car to "recreational" saving me about $130 a year. (about 10%)  My agent seemed pretty happy about that but I wasn't so I kept after him to find something else.  And here is the secret... "I DIDN'T KNOW THAT!" tidbit he told me..... If you take a defensive driving class and get certified you get a discount!  Mine will be $88 less a year...not huge but over time.... It is only good for three years then you have to do it again but easy enough, because you can do it ONLINE...its a SIX HOUR CLASS!!!  Yes, it costs about $35 but not a bad investment to save $88x3 ($264)!  So, now I have saved over $200 a year.

I then asked him about my home owners and found out that if I went to $1000 deductible instead of $500 I would save $280 a year!  You make the difference up in 2 years!  Hellooooo....I haven't filed a claim in 12 years!  I sure could have used that $3360!

So, by the end of the 10 minute call I had saved over $500 a year AND I have a check coming for $280 since it was just paid by my escrow.  Hee Hee!

Take that defensive drivers class!

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  1. Oh...that recreational driving thing looks interesting. I'm sure we're being 'had over a barrel' about our car insurance, too, so thank you for the tips!


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