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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Painting With SU! Inks

Hi All,

Just stopping in to say that I'm still here, just not doing a whole lot of "creating" these days.  Except over on my "doodle" blog.  It is easier to do a quick drawing than to pull everything out and come up with something new every day!

I started taking the Joanne Sharpe class on Tuesday so that is where I'll be "playing" for the next month.  We are making 3 journals in 29 days.  Not bad for the $35 she is charging for the class!  I have always loved her use of BRIGHT colors so I'm hoping to learn what she does to get them!  That really was my goal for signing up.  I don't like to take classes because they usually teach you how to create "their" look so when someone else does it, it still has the original artist's signature look.  Don't like that.  I want my own look...even though I like their's better, I want my own.

Guess what though!  This week I stumbled on a way to get BRIGHT colors!  I tested painting with SU! ink pad refills and it works!  LOVING IT!   Actually, I'm feeling kinda stupid that I haven't thought of it before because I use to use the ink from markers by coloring on plastic then picking it up with a wet brush.  Same idea, only much easier!

 Here is something I just finished painting:

BRIGHT, quick and easy!  I just put a little ink onto a pallet, added a TINY bit of water to the watercolor paper then used the brush to paint the color on.  You really want to add the water to the paper first because the ink soaks into the paper most right where you put it first so you end up with a darker spot....good if that's the look you want, bad if it isn't!

OH!  And I almost forgot to mention!  I was a "Featured Artist" over on RainbowElephant.com!  GO FIGURE!  THAT was a TOTAL shock!  Very sweet lady!  And she apparently has TONS of followers because I have gotten lots and lots of hits on the site!  YES!  Please, go check her site out and tell her hi for me.  Her blog is mainly focused on "Repeat Pattern Line Art", a phrase I had never heard before her.


  1. Love the color but if I have to go buy more supplies for Joanne's class I may get kicked out of the house.... hmmm... maybe I can sneak some in later, while he's fishing.

  2. NO KIDDING LORI!!! Every day I want something different! Thankfully I have been able to resist ordering from Dick Blick yet...only because I keep adding to the list!

  3. We are in this together, Ladies! Paint on... :-)

  4. Excuse me but what is SU! Ink? Thanks in advance!
    *your site is absolutely wonderful!*

  5. OU! Sorry DR, just saw your post! SU! inks are StampinUp! refill inks for their stamp pads. Let me know if you have never heard of them and I'll give more detail...basically a company that sells rubber stamps

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